Monday, August 25, 2008


I'll tell you a little story. These are some lyrics to a song that a very good friend of mine wrote. It concerns the guy we call the Old Man. He ran this place for most of 35 years. I am one of his spiritual sons. He was truly a man of God. He was of no religion and he didn't play church, but he had a contact with Deity. He heard a voice.

I witnessed many miracles in my sojourn through this life I have spent here. Things that would astound you. They sure did astound ME!

But many years ago the Old Man was living in Indianapolis pasturing a small church. He was seeking a deeper walk with God and praying. It was at night. Here is a piece of the song.

Then came a voice from out of the night
Come out of this land and I'll show you my valley
I'll show you my world
Men will take their shoes off
Land of the Patriarchs
Land of the free

I cannot always sing this song because I get so choked up that words won't come. But this song is a clue to the reason I stay where I am and do what I do. That voice has guided this place for 42 years and it has never failed us. The song is titled Soldier of Destiny and it surely is true.


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Terrence Maddox said...

You are absolutely right, he was a connected man (his fruits bear witness)and I know my God visits that land.
If I hadn't witnessed his fruits first hand or experienced what I have, I'd call me crazy.
My most recent post is about my God experience in that hallowed place.