Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Yes, I am on the cave trip again. I am thinking about getting underground. I am sure this will be rejected by most folks but I will forge ahead anyway.

When you make an entrance to an underground shelter you really should make an entry that will block a lot of the particulate matter from coming in. There are several ways of doing this. One is to go in and immediately put in 4 right angle turns in your tunnel. Go in a ways and then go right, then left, then left again and then another right and on into your shelter. This will block a lot of physical blast effect from getting into your living quarters. Any amount of curtain work such as tarpaulins will help block particulate matters. Start with the outside immediate entry and put one in and then put a couple more in for extra security at other strategic places. If time and money affords, you can always put a blast proof steel door in your entry. This will work REAL WELL.

One of the best ideas I have seen in used by the fedgov at storage facilities on their bases. They have bunkers along the roads back in their facility. Lots of them. And the bunkers are pretty much perpendicular to the road. The bunker is a ways from the road but not a whole lot of distance. There is a pull of from the road that passes the front of the bunker. This is where things are brought to and from the bunker. There is a mound between the entrance to the bunker and the road. And I am talking about the drive-by road and not the pull off road. This mound amounts to an inclined plane that would take any blast and push it up over the bunker. When you drive up on the pull off you are going between the mound and the bunker. Pretty nifty idea. Nothing is fool proof but it is still a damn good precaution.

So you can cut your way into the stone and build in right angle barriers to blast and particulates. You can hang tarps for even more particulate blocking, and you can put up a blast proof door if you can afford it. Unca Sham has blast proof doors but he is rich, you know. His stuff is protected and ours is left out to suffer. How did things get turned around like that? HAH! It's called by various names such as National Security, Continuity of Government, etc. It just means that you do the best you can while the fedgov takes your money and takes care of itself. Just one more glorious reason why I think the way I do. This may better explain the reason why I think the movement of the future is toward sustainable groups of 250 people or less. Little villages of people living with their families and doing what has to be done to survive.

I had an insane idea many years ago about storing multitudinous cylinders of breathable air in a cave or bunker and turning them on one at a time with some kind of regulator and keeping the air pressure in the bunker greater than the outside air pressure, thus pushing air OUT of the bunker instead of sucking it in. I have no idea what chances you have of being hit with a nuclear device. But the writer in the New Testament said the elements would melt with fervent heat so it must be in someones mind to pursue the nuclear option.

This financial debacle we are just starting to experience is going to leave a bad taste in the mouth of the rest of the world. Our financial shenanigans are not going to make us loved at all. Dragon says this situation is caused by greed. I say it is greed working within the framework of the total human nature. But our greed may be the thing that makes us hated the most. And when the time of retribution comes, when the revenge is set in stone, then all hell will break loose. Got preps?
We have gotten rain off and on since yesterday morning. Last night as I went to bed we got a toad strangler with one hell of a lot of thunder and lightning. I mean it was close and LOUD. I was praising God for his plan as I went to sleep. I don't know what he has in mind, especially as to his time schedule, but I know he was showing his power last night. I don't know how we kept from getting blown up but it had to be divine intervention. I remember the power getting knocked out and there was still plenty of light from all the lightning. That is a lot of lightning. And it was close, like right overhead. The wife basically slept through the onslaught. She will speak to me but she is on autopilot. She is submissive but not sincere. Women.
The porch cats seems to have fared okay from the storm. They were pretty hungry this morning but other than that they were fine. The ducks in our little lake made it with no deaths or injuries that I can tell. I haven't checked the garden and the crops as yet but I am hoping they are in place. I see no downed trees or limbs. But I know that the concussion of the lightning was tremendous. Our building doesn't shake but you could damn sure feel the blasts going off while you were lying next to the wall.
So stay alive and I will try to get back to you with more blogging as soon as I possibly can. A new blogger, Terrance Maddux has joined our ranks. He is at . Not your usual survivalist but interesting.



vlad said...

perhaps you can adapt this idea by making your entry lower than the floor where you live

My life with the ESkimo Stefansson

Eskimo houses were constructed with a hole in the roof to allow in light. The hole which was most often left open was covered with Bear intestine. The base of the house was five to six foot thick made of earth and sod and tapered and thinned out towards the top which was about six foot square. The top had about six inches of earth on it. The center of the house was about nine feet high and the walls at the edge were about five feet high. The opening on the roof was about three foot square. 3 or 4 lamps burned continuously and one of the most important duties of the wife was to make sure they didn’t smoke or go out. The entrance to the house was a twenty to forty foot shed-covered tunnel about four feet lower than the floor of the house.
The cold air in the tunnel would not rise into the house which was kept warm by the four lamps at a temperature of sixty to seventy degrees fahrenheit even when the outside temperature was fifty below zero!

riverwalker said...

I would buy me a place with a cave on it tommorrow if I could find one. Just have to keep looking or dig one out of the hillside.


vlad said...

you may wish to make a solar heated cabin/cave using Mike Oehler's earthsheltered greenhouse as a model.
maybe you could park your truck in the cold sink.

vlad said...

a buried schoolbus or large junk van is cheap shelter

Someone You Know said...

Dear Michael,

If you have lots of cash $350,000 check out Radius Shelters CAT-25 at

Utah Shelters has a shelter for $55,00 at

Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine at use to have plans, they talk about it in the book Fighting Chance: 10 feet to Survival, and they have Nuclear War Survival Skills at for free.

You can creat you own shelter using culvert and a backhoe. The blast door would be flush mounted with a concrete collar. Check OISM for pictures

Here is a PDF. about a culvert shelter.

Here is another link that shows the steps for a culvert shelter at I have read that air vents sticking out of the ground become clogged and if an attack happened, ripped off and the vent is useless. OISM suggests using the two enterances with a 90 degree turn. If it is 10 feet deep, there is little direct or scattered radiation. Plus you can temporarally seal the shaft with 5 galloon containers of water to block the radiation.

The bus shelter is explained at