Sunday, August 24, 2008


The handmaiden bought 2 and 1/2 pounds of diatomaceous earth form the Amish yesterday for $8. Don't know if that is a good price or not but we now have it and others have it to get! Having things that you saved to get is a good feeling. It is obvious that people have not saved much over the past 10 years but if you have then you have something now and others are scurrying to pay their debts. Who the hell ever fell for borrowing to get wealthy? The dumbest thing I have ever heard. And take a look at the ridiculous mess our economy is in right now and you will understand. But we here at the household have our diatomaceous earth and all is well. The Handmaiden even gave our new kitten a little bit to worm her. The stuff is pretty versatile. We mainly have it to put into bags with our dried beans and rice. Really does a nice job according to people who have tried it. Bugs eat it and it cut their insides to ribbons and they die. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of folks.

I read an article on this morning that was very interesting. It was a study done in Australia on the effects of Tamiflu. So far they have found 100% resistance to the drug from all flues checked out. What a scam! Billions spent on that shit of mine and your money and it doesn't do a damn thing. Another example of our government at work. Very nice of the H5N1 virus to be a false alarm. If it had been real we might have had a problem. I still think that Sambucol is the best deal out there. If you haven't been paying attention, Sambucol is Tincture of Elderberry. You get nice ripe black Elderberries and you soak them in high proof alcohol and you take a shot of this stuff at the first sign of flu. And it don't cure it but rather shortens the episode by a few days. Your body has to fight off the flu. Always has. And it is cheap! You see, you can't patent Elderberries! God put them here and we can use them however we damn well please. Let's hear it for GOD!

I have been reading about the Fannie Mae-Freddie Mac debacle this weekend. It seems that the Secretary of the Treasury in apt to be a bit kinder and gentler with the stockholders of these two criminal operations because the main stock holders are people like China, Japan, and South Korea. Oops. Don't want to piss those boys off too much. It can be hazardous to your health. Your financial as well as your physical health. Bear-Stearns was about 80% owned by it's employees and thus was kicked like a rabid dog. Nothing like putting it on the citizens. You can get real conservative when you are dealing with citizens. They're just dogs, you know.

Another interesting item from Jim Rawles this morning was about the hitting of peak production of Phosphate Rock on this planet back about 1988. In the grand trio of farming, we have NPK and K is Phosphorous. You might keep your eyes open for deposits of Phosphate Rock.

I have noted in my studies this weekend that everything is going to hell as planned and those of you who have prepared have a better chance of surviving that those of you who didn't. The Handmaiden and I have prepared and we stand ready to be tested. We have not achieved perfection but we have done a few things and tried to do them well. There is always more to do and we will be keeping our nose to the wind in case of something new coming into view.

Stay alive.


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Wildflower said...

Great post as always!

But the use of elderberry with avian flu is controversial. Maybe it would be useful in the beginning, but as the disease progresses, I'd switch to heavy usage of anti-inflammatories and supportive care.

Your inflammatory response goes crazy with avian flu, cytokine storm--and that's what kills you, your own immune response.

"Sambucol has been documented to decrease the duration and severity of illness in common seasonal influenza, and with its known mechanism of action of decreasing viral replication, intuitively appears a good choice for treating other influenza strains, including H5N1.

Studies reported to date on H5N1 indicate that severe illness and death (potentially due to ARDS) is related to high viral load. Elderberry reduces viral load in seasonal influenza. It also has some antioxident capabilties that may protect tissues affected by cytokine damage.

However, elderberry also increases cytokine production. One specific concern with H5N1 infections is the possibility that this strain of flu may induce cytokine storm, leading to ARDS and the high mortality assosciated with it. It is unknown if the increased circulating cytokines that elderberry and other alternative medicines induce could increase a victims risk of cytokine storm.

Medical science does not currently know the exact mechanism that triggers cytokine storm. We cannot say if increased cytokine levels before or during infection is a risk factor for ARDS or an effect of some other mechanism that begins the inflammatory cascade that results in it. High cytokine levels are documented to be assosiated with ARDS, but causation is unknown.

Due to its documented ability to increase cytokine levels, the use of elderberry preparations for avian influenza has created controversy in the online flu communities. Like all other interventions presented here, it is unknown if elderberry will be benficial in H5N1 infections or if there is potential harm from its use."
--Flu Wikie