Monday, August 4, 2008



We have to live in the real world. No fairy tales or fantasies allowed. And looking around the world we see many, many nations preparing for war. Brutal, savage war. And it is like giving an ape a rock. Sooner or later he will throw it. And it has been that way for thousands of years of human history. It has been that way for so long, for such a high percentage of the time, that we can call this situation THE DEATH MARCH. It just keeps going on. Practically all our scientific advancements have been the result of someone increasing the power of their war machine. All of our universities have contributed. Our government has had special projects for a couple hundred years building up our potential for inflicting death. It is all the rage but it is not the latest thing by any means.

In the many years I have been watching the Death March I have witnessed innumerable times the dominoes of destruction lining up for the chain reaction of the major fall. But it has always failed to materialize. We have had numerous times of small wars. We are pretty good at picking on small countries that we can whip and then attacking them. Some say it is good for the economy. But for what ever reason, the propaganda machine rolls out, the word starts getting spread and the race is on for more war. Pretty soon the bombs start to fall and people start to die. We are shown pictures of massive troop movements and huge shipments of arms and equipment. War material starts flowing like water off of Niagara Falls. The battle lines are drawn and the killing begins in earnest. And the Death March continues. The military industrial complex is making money again! All their stockholders are elated!

This repeated activity has brought this country to the forefront as a war monger nation. We are now a nation that makes pre-emptive strikes. We now engage in nation building. We install governments friendly to our economy. And life goes on with the sureness of forever war. But we are now globally hated. We have few friends and the ones we could have made are now lost to us. And the world is gearing up to kick our ass. The world is getting ready to destroy us. And maybe on this day they can't get it done. But the time is coming when they will get it done. And you and I, who have tried to work and make a living will bear the brunt of the attack. And I reckon that is just. Most of us have sat back like idiots and let this government do what ever it damn well pleased, and we will pay dearly for that. Mark my words.


For those of us who wish to live, who wish to see a continuation of what we perceive as decency on this continent, we face a daunting task. We are caught between a rock and a hard place. We have gotten used to this part of the planet during the course of our lives and we feel we can do okay right where we are, if we are left alone. So we would like to be left alone to pursue the course we have set. And so would the gross amount of people we have fucked over these many years. Therefore, there is some atoning to do, some penance to pay. And we might be innocent but we are in the pot and it is gonna get hot. We are gonna go on the grill and it will be turned to high.

We, and our predecessors in survivalism, have taken some small steps to insure our continuity on this land. We have some land or a house we are buying or a rented abode or a house trailer or whatever. What we have done is what we could afford to do. We have purchased extra food to be in readiness for hard times. We have guns and lots of ammo. We have Bug Out Bags and bags of goodies in our vehicles. We have places to go if things get really bad. We have some medical supplies in case there is no doctor or hospital available to us. We have cooking equipment suitable for cooking over an open fire. We have recipes for drying and smoking meat to preserve for our survival usage. We have lots of water stored to keep that precious fluid available for our very lives. We have bought lots of things to prolong our lives, for sure.

I have tried in these last few days to get over the idea of going even further. I am trying to get the point across that what we have done is not enough to survive what is ahead on the war front. We have to get underground. Simple as that. I am not saying that our country is about to suffer a radioactive deluge, though I think we will see some of it. But there are a lot of things out there that make a big bang that are not nuclear. Fuel/Air bombs come to mind. And who knows what the merchants of death across the globe have conjured up for the explicit purpose of killing us. They have huge financial resources and plenty of willing minds to create just about anything they want. And they want to destroy us. They want to blow us up. They want to eradicate the big bully from the North American continent that has made them bow all these many, many years.


We have come a long way in our preps. We have bought and stored a lot of things. We are growing and storing food. And for certain things we are adequate in our preparations. But it is not enough. And it is being pointed out to us. If you have been paying attention at all it is very noticeable that the rich and the mighty are getting ready for something also. The government is dug in all over the place, and dug in deeply. The Mountain House Food thing is not a company trying to fill it's back orders, it has sold what it can produce for the next year and a half and is just moving it out of their plant and into the trucks. I have reliable sources that tell me that people have been flying into the region where the plant is located with C-130 cargo planes and loading up, paying cash, and flying away. Do you have any idea what that type of operation costs? Big dollars, folks. Way bigger dollars than Michael has. And the federal government is buying stuff too. They have many underground bunkers to stock up and they are doing it. With mine and your money of course. But nothing is too good for the government, right? They are the masters of all they can see and they will do as they damn well please. And to hell with the filthy poor! There is a scripture in Revelations about certain people going into the caves and dens of the earth for protection. Are we getting ready for that?

So, it has come to me that we need to get underground and make it habitable while we still have time. And we do still have a little time. We may get Martial Law declared and there be no money to spend, but we will have some time. But the time of buying and storing has about reached it's peak for us. A lot of people I know just don't need any more storage food. They don't need any more guns and ammo. They have tools. They have outdoor cookware and first aid supplies. So it is time to get underground. And you may as well be prepared to keep it a secret within your group. No sense giving your position away. You will be doing this to stay alive!


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