Friday, August 15, 2008


It's getting about supper time here at the ranch and I just finished my survival fix. I usually have it over and done with before 7:30 in the morning. But I have been busy yakking and inventorying and so forth and I have yet to get caught up with my day. But I am not worried. I will get it all done sooner or later.

I was talking to someone this morning that is in medical school of a sort and that person told me that the class was told by their instructor that their careers would be spent helping young children with adult diabetes. Just that plain and up front. These kids are sitting at home watching TV and playing video games and munching sugary foods all day and there is going to be a helluva price to pay. 10, 11, and 12 year old kids are being taken to the hospitals with diabetes and in very bad shape. And I am sure the medical profession is telling them to eat all those 'healthy' carbs during the day. And then they wash it down with flavored sugar water. This country needs to get off of High Fructose Corn Syrup and Monosodiumglutamate. HFCS and MSG are easier to remember.

But they put this stuff into your food and you eat it and you become addicted to it and then you become history. HFCS is killing the collective Pancreas of the nation. MSG is a proven neurotoxin. All fedgov approved, don't you know. I was reading Claire Wolfe in Backwoods Home Magazine this morning and she dropped the little nugget that there is nothing in a recipe that ain't supposed to be there, for some reason. And I had never thought about that before. My wife has corresponded with Claire Wolfe over the years and I just naturally see her name and pick up the article and read it. She is a smart lady.

But then she got on uniformity of food in mass production. A million loaves of Wonderbread go out to the groceries every day. All identical and uniform. And how is this done? Why, through the wonderfulness of Chemistry and Physics. Ever think of how many cans of Campbells Tomato Soup go out to the public every day? And you can take a can off the assembly line at any time and it will be just like the others. Any time, any day, any year. Such uniformity is unheard of in Nature. They do it with Chemicals. There had better be no deviation in Campbells Soup or someones head is going to roll. And we eat that stuff day in and day out. But America loves it. Sigh...

BUT WHEN A STUDENT IN A MEDICAL CURRICULUM GETS TOLD THAT THEIR CAREER IS GOING TO BE SPENT TREATING YOUTHFUL DIABETICS, DOES IT TELL YOU ANYTHING? And these are not yo-yo's off the street. These are sharp people. They are taught, HEAVILY scrutinized, tested, and then certified. This is their life career, as much as anyone can have a life career these days. But it is the ingredients in the food and the lack of exercise that is doing all of this. I remember as a child, my mother would not let any of her kids sit around the house during the day. You got your butt out there and ran and played and made all your noise where it bothered no one. But not for today's stupid parents and kids. I reckon as long as they are not making too much noise and tearing stuff up they are going to be allowed to proceed with their chosen lifestyle. You have been warned.

The Handmaiden and I did a lot of inventory of our food supply today and there should be some data to go into this post before too long. I'll get busy on it now. I'll be back!
Well, I have run my figures and eaten my supper and now it is time to go back to blogging.

I have 430 pounds of foodstuffs. That includes 200 pounds of beans and rice. Oops. I am sitting beside 50 pounds of dried corn so make that 480 pounds of foodstufffs. And the beans and rice and corn go together so call that 250 pounds.

I have 27 pounds of canned fruit and 34 and a half pounds of canned veggies. Not the most nutritious but adequate. I have 80 pounds of canned meat and meat dishes. Everything from the largest supply of Beef Stew I ever saw to one 15 ounce can of Pink Salmon. I have plenty of Chili and Tuna too.

I have 81 and a quarter pounds of baking goods with a little bit of instant potatoes thrown in. 4 lbs of Decaf are in the figure also. Totaled up I have 7 and one half pounds of spices. My salt is in with the baking goods. I have plenty of salt.

We found vermin in the beans. Don't bother me any but the woman was not happy. She is gonna go through the beans and throw out any that have been eat on by the bugs. I leaarned a long time ago that the USDA allowed so much bugs and eggs and nits and mouse feces and what not in it's grain. Can't be helped. People eat it every day and do just fine. Besides, bug and bug eggs are just added protein. Cook 'em up and eat 'em. The bugs we had in our beans came in the bag with the beans. Did you ever wondered why your mother looked at her beans very closely before she cooked them? Could be she was looking for unsavory characters in the beans themselves. And she found small rocks in them too. I don't know about what people think. There may be a couple billion people eat rice every day, maybe more. Do people think that Betty Crocker inspects every grain of rice before it goes out to the American public? Am I supposed to spray my staples with Raid! Get a life. I have placed my bags of grains in extra plastic bags and put Bay Leaves in the bags. Zip Loc bags! After that is it up to the cook to inspect and deal with any problems. You just have to take a realistic approach to life and get on with it. Just try to eat and stay alive.


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