Thursday, August 28, 2008


It's Thursday morning and I am back to blogging. It feels pretty good to get back to the keyboard.

We buried my long time friend yesterday, right beside the Old Man. I am sure they are having some interesting conversations right now in a heavenly place. And like I told the Gathering yesterday, with those two hooked up and getting down to business, if I was a preacher of a phony religion or a politician selling a freedom destroying government, I would be shaking in my boots. The Old Man, Daniel Wright, was a high Priest advocate of cleaning up the planet, throwing the bastards out on the streets. Gilbert Neeley was his prime fix-it man. They will make a formidable team. And the team will be added to as more of us older men get called up there where the real stuff gets done. The land of NO BULLSHIT. A place of Peace and Righteousness. The scripture says that through Mercy and Truth is iniquity purged. We have seen 2000 years of Mercy and you can take a look around and see what it got us. So it is time for the Truth to be applied. Truth will make the dogs run back up on the porch. For sure.

I'm gonna see about something in the way of preps today. I want a small step ladder to reach high or awkward places in my stash area. Things can be much neater and more space created as a result of a better storage system. I will probably prep until God calls me. Ain't any sense going away and leaving people that I love to do without. They will need all the help they can get. And things are not looking too good out in the nation. I am a little leery of McCain and I don't know what he will do as far as war and foreign relations is concerned. He seems to me to have a hair trigger. But, given the alternative, I will vote for McCain. We at least have a chance to keep our guns with McCain. And you can say all you want about the idiocy of having guns but I will keep mine, thank you very much. We have families with lots of kids around here and I would not leave them defenseless.

I want to insert something right here. Cain rules through fear of Hell and fear of Prison. Well, there ain't no Hell and they ain't gonna take me to prison if I can help it. Watch carefully those who make new religions or spout anti-gun slogans. God ain't said to get rid of the guns and he ain't started any new religions. So stand your ground!

I have an very interesting article from Mike Kemp that some of you would enjoy reading but it involves a photograph and I don't not know how to put up a picture on a blog. If anyone can clue me in I will be most happy to publish the article.

Dragon is working and Mayberry is pissed, as usual. Dragon will make more money working than Mayberry will make being pissed. If you get pissed the chances are the system has you beaten. Don't' get pissed! Get prepared. And then get even! Think before you act. I just got back from town, bought a short ladder. Coming back home I took a little different route because the state is working on the roads. I drove by a section of road where folks had moved out of town onto their little personal paradises. Big brick homes with manicured lawns and ponds and all the trappings of grandeur. And you know they have to be mortgaged out the wazoo! I wonder if these people will be my friends when the economy collapses? Hard tellin'.

I have to get off of here now and get to work. Got lots of beans to shell and more on the way. I have stuff to put away. I have a wife to deal with. Busy life for really having nothing to do!

Stay alive!



Mayberry said...

Ah Michael. Being pissed is what makes me prep! Being pissed is what gets things changed. I reckon our Founding Fathers were just a tad pissed when they penned the Declaration of Independence..... I get things done when I am pissed. It's a motivator!

Terrence Maddox said...

Could you share with us some stories of your friends?