Friday, August 8, 2008


We be preppers around here. If things are shit, get on the stick.

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Me said...

We been over it, dearie.

All you do is imagine the SHTF, my greats and grandparents lived it with full-out with martial law, being rounded up and put in in internment camps by American soldiers for months, all-out war and gunfire in the streets against them in an American city with bombs dropped on them, homes and businesses set ablaze, the real deal of bugging out, fleeing with their families, etc. And they still tell the's passed down. We know what to expect of you.

We survived and we will continue to survive. The question is will y'all?

Because in case you aren't noticing, next time they won't be rounding up and firing on only blacks. You regular Americans are the new Negroes of those wicked folks you put in power, LOL!

You stay alive, y'hear?