Friday, September 25, 2009


We are getting a supply of Echinacea, Garlic, Elderberry Extract, and Kimchee in order to whip any problem with flu. Kimchee is kind of a drag right after breakfast cause it ain't exactly sweet but I can get it down real well. The word on the street is that Obama has said there will be no forced vaccinations, but Obama is a politician and we all know what that means. But refusal to play the game aside, these things I have mentioned are pretty good, in my thinking, for getting my immune system in my gut in top notch working condition. It is a pain in the ass to be sick and I think we should take preventive measures to avoid any problems. We have medical soap and face masks and all that stuff but keeping the old immune system packed out with goodies to fight disease is the way to go. You just have to remember that no medicine can kill a virus and that means your treatment is as good as the big drug companies. They can't kill the nasty mutha's either. Something I would like to know is can you take a major dose of Echinacea and then follow it up with a maintenance dose on a regular basis? Will the Echinacea knock out the effects of the Kimchee? Does anyone know what I am doing here?

The reports are saying that ammo is flying off the shelves all over the country. We normally shoot up seven billion rounds a year and this year we are going to shoot nine billion. But the word is that people are not shooting all this stuff up. A long way from it in fact. They are hoarding it to use to fight the government. They think Obama is going to make a gun grab and it ain't gonna go down as far as the preppers are concerned. .45 acp seems to be the shortest in stock. And it is a good round. Lot's people using it these days. The guns to shoot it are expensive but that does not seem to be stopping anyone from buying them.

The story about the Census worker who got hung in Eastern Kentucky is turning into a real puzzler. All they know is he ended up on the end of a rope, dead. They are investigating it as a homicide but it may be a suicide. Someone wrote FED on his chest. There are people searching for clues that maybe some anti-government people offed the guy. My only question was "How hard is it to find an anti-government guy these days?" He was supposed to be working for the Census Bureau but they don't start work for 188 days from today. I smell a rat. The Little Nashville Playhouse, in Nashville, Indiana, burned down a couple weeks ago. It was kind of isolated on a highway out West of town. My friend was watching the TV and they had 28 BATF agents out there investigating the incident, plus an agent from Homeland Security. Possible terrorism, you know. And it ain't a big place at all. Oh well! I just found a late report on the census worker and now they are not talking about a hanging, because his feet were on the ground. The Kentucky State Police are saying he was asphyxiated. But no one is saying what the guys real job was. Stay alive.



laurie said...

Hey Michael,

your right, usually Echinacea is a great immune booster, but exactly because it stimulates an immune response it maybe dangerous with H1N1. It may cause a cytokeine storm which is what actually kills people - the extreme immune response. Elderberry also slightly bumps the immune response, but since it is not the primary way it works, it actually surrounds the virus so it can't replicate, it seems a much better choice. The other thing I've read is that because of the strong immune response something to reduce inflamation like tumeric may be a good thing to have on hand.
Thanks for sharing so much good info with us.

Andrea said...

I was talking to an online friend yesterday about the census murder and how *not* surprising it is. K is from central New York, I'm one generation removed from the hollers of eastern Kentucky: needless to say it was an interesting conversation :)

Pete Smith said...

Me and my wife are on a set of immune booster vitamins. We take A,C,E,D, Echinacea,Zinc, Magnesium, Elderberry and Oil of Oregano. This is the first year we have done this. From what I have found and have been told if you can boost your immune system you can and will fight off the flu.

Mayberry said...

And now there is word that the H1N1 vaccine might INCREASE your chances of contracting swine flu if you've had seasonal flu shots before....

As far as the census guy goes, regardless of what actually happened, it'll be blamed on a "right wing extremist", no doubt.

Unknown said...

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vlad said...

This just don't smell right to me.
He was found hanging by the neck on a tree with FED carved into his chest, huh.
You'd think them right wing extremists would have been smart enough to make him and his car disappear without a trace.
But what do I know??
In John Ross's novel Unintended Consequences they fed numerous murdered federal agents to the hogs.
It seems that a federal agent processed through a 400 lb hog looks like any other pile of poop.