Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Today we have our Gathering. We will have a service where all who want to speak of our departed Brother can have the microphone and say their piece. It will be packed out. People are here from AZ and TN and Lord knows where else. The Clan is gathering to bury one of it's old timers. Rich or poor, friend or foe, they will be here. Don't know why it happens that way but it does. Then we will go to a hill top and bury him. There are a few there already, having run their course and gone on. One person has already seen our departed Brother dancing and spinning and saying "It's over! At last it's over!" I reckon he is pretty happy about that.

I will be missing most of the day and evening, so I might not answer any email rapidly. I will be in the thick of the Gathering and won't have time for much else. I am one of the older guys and it seems right and proper that I stay with the people. And you never know what will happen. You never now what God will do. He DOES run the show, you know.

So I will be back in a few hours and I hope you all have a pleasant day.



Jess (Ozark Momma) said...

Keeping you and the Clan in my thoughts and prayers today Micheal.

May peace float the soul of the Old Man.

scoutinlife said...

Once again my Prayers an condolences for you an your family and friends Michael.

Mayberry said...

May he rest in peace, and may his and the "Old Man's" spirits continue to guide you.