Friday, August 1, 2008



I'm always astounded at envy. I know that there are millions of young people out there who deny they will ever receive Social Security. And for that I am happy. The sooner the system breaks down and people are made aware of their need for each other, the better. I have been a supporter of group survival for well over half my life.

I have exhorted folks to group up for almost 40 years. How many have listened? How many have taken concrete steps to achieving this goal? I can see why not many have pursued the path of group survival. There just aren't many examples to follow.

I am not trying to be a hardass on this issue but I am going to face reality. The Lone Wolf approach to survivalism is not going to work for the vast majority of people. You gotta remember the old saying "Divide and Conquer." If you keep people separated then you can whip their ass at your leisure. And it is as simple as that. We are not talking fedgov fairy tales here, we are onto the meat and potatoes of survivalism.

We face a world that has stacked the deck against us. Not much use in discussing that issue anymore. If you don't get it by now, just stand in the commode and pull the handle. Because if you haven't taken the REAL steps to survive then chances are you won't.

If you are not going to get Social Security then what have you done to compensate yourself for the future? What are you doing to insure your survival in the years ahead? Or are you one of those idiots that think the fedgov is gonna save you? Are you one of those idiots who thinks the fedgov even has a whisper of a chance of saving you? If you are not relying on the fedgov then what the hell are you doing to make it in your old age? Have you secretly organized a survival group? Have you got your land bought and paid for? Have you and your cohorts got some housing ready to go? Do you have the necessary survival ingredients of food and water and sanitation and so forth? Have you even got a firearm that you can shoot with any skill?

There is much to be done. Time is wasting away. Get your group. Get your land. Chose a leader. Make your rules. It is way past time to piss and moan about the conditions we now are experiencing. This is the time to bite the bullet and get busy. This is the time to put your plan together.


I think it is well worth going over the basic firearms battery of a prepper. I have just about cooked this down to a simple syrup. You need a 12 gauge pump shotgun. Smaller folks need a smaller caliber like a 20 gauge or maybe even a .410. But a 12 gauge is the most awesome and extremely effective home defense weapon ever designed. At home defense distances it will take down any intruder that comes along. "I" do not want to be looking down the wrong end of a 12 gauge. I witnessed my father getting put down by a 16 gauge and it was terrible. There was Daddy's insides all open and exposed to viewing. He lived but it was close for a few hours. A 12 gauge is more of everything compared to a 16 gauge. The man who raised me from the time I was 26 until the time I was 56 kept a single shot 10 gauge in his upstairs bedroom. He didn't like the government's practice of entering a man's home in the middle of the night and taking the poor fellow away. No one ever came after him. But I believe he would have used that 10 gauge to protect himself.

The 22 Long Rifle is still the cheapest thing to shoot in America. I have a pistol and two rifles chambered for this round. You can kill just about any small game you wish with a 22 LR. It can also be used for defense but you have to be able to place your shot where it needs to go. But then again, a good wounding can do you a world of good in a tight situation. Give 'em hell.

My choice for a long range gun is my Ruger .308. 30-06 is as good but the ammo is not as prevalent. The .308 will put a man or a deer down for the count. Food and defense are pretty important areas.


I feel to place education on a list of survival needs. I am becoming alarmed at the number of kids who cannot read worth shit. Disgusting. I am not saying that every child be a potential Pulitzer Prize winner but by God they ought to be able to read what a prize winner wrote! And they ought to be able to read the Bible. It is part of our heritage. Being competent in Arithmetic and being able to write legibly are also good for the populace. When you get out on your survival ground be ready to keep the kids in learning mode. Do not curse your child by teaching them from Christian home-school materials. It is all propaganda.

That is all for today. Take care and stay alive!



Grumpyunk said...

I'm late to a lot of good ideas but better late than never I suppose.
I have a small group of people, while they don't live adjacent to me, live pretty close and have decided to come to my place if the SHTF. My brother will have to make it here from Ohio somehow. I totally agree that having a diverse group of talented people makes things much easier than trying to do everything by yourself.
My sister in law and her kids will probably show up and that will be a challenge. Lot's of kids. Old enough to help with work, but lots of food allergy's and they probably won't be bringing much more than themselves.
I'm going to be seeing her next week and find out just what kind of things they can eat and add some of those things to the HUGE list of things to work on.

Wondering why you advise to not use Christian based materials for home schooling? Just asking.

Mayberry said...

Anyone who wants to go it alone should read Comrade Simba! He'll change yer mind real quick! And those who think Uncle Sham is gonna save them when Social Security collapses..... Ummmm..... "Here's yer sign."

devildog said...

30-06 not prevalent? Can be purchased anywhere ammo is sold. And a case for $200.00 from CMP, let's see you do that with .308! Good post, though. Keep up the good work!