Wednesday, August 20, 2008



The boys and girls of the NRA are hot to defeat Obama. They are also crowing about the Heller decision by the Supreme Court. I listened to some of the verbal arguments by the pro-gun lawyers at that hearing and I considered them to be a disgrace. If the court was listening for the intensity of the desire for freedom to bear arms, they never heard it. Such weak speaking lawyers. I was ashamed. My friend Mike Kemp could have done a better job of stating the case. But, the case is over and the fight marches on in the pursuit of freedom. I say we have a right to hunt and shoot and protect our friends and family. Over in Illinois they have a MAJOR anti gun mayor up in Chicago and he is bitterly steadfast in his course of action. I pity him. Of course, he has armed protection around him all the time, paid for by the tax payers whom he denies the right to have guns. Talk about hypocrisy. But it gives the NRA a reason to continue on as an organization and collect dues and pay fancy salaries and make headlines. It's sort of a mandated economic guarantee.


Obama is a slick guy from Illinois. He is a Socialist, almost a communist. He constantly talks about CHANGE but it never is clear just what it is that he wants to change. Ergo, he is running a shuck. He is running a campaign of lies and half truths. His change will be for the ill of us. He can spend money like water flowing over Niagara Falls. Of course, with Bush in there we have plenty of experience with living up next to deficits. Obama will be worse. He just does not have a clue about the human nature. He is a social engineering advocate from the word go. I do not know where the democrats get these creatures the run for president. It's amazing how stupid they all are.


Our main financial people in this country, sworn to uphold the constitution and defend us against all enemies both foreign and domestic, are simply working for the banks and Wall Street. We sit-in-sins, uh, I mean citizens can go piss up a down spot. We don't have the clout to warrant the entire federal government coming to protect us. Makes me kinda wonder who they are protecting. All the trillions of dollars out there in the so called investment market can't belong to Americans. We ain't got it. I think it belongs to foreign nationals and sovereign nation funds. The Arabs and the Chinese must have a lot of money parked here for safe keeping. But we don't have it. Our grocery costs have gone up through the roof. As have our energy costs. We are losing our homes to foreclosure at an horrendous rate. We haven't had a raise in pay since pay raises were invented. Any extra money you are given is eaten up by inflation. So we have come to nationalization of losses and privatization of profits. Pretty slick trick if you ask me. And our financial guys are in there going at the nationalization of profits like a biting sow. By golly, they figure to have all this junk transferred to my and your backs while they go Scot free. And they are gonna get it done and we ain't got nothin' to say about it but maybe a slight whimper.


What we pay at the stores these days is ridiculous. Milk is running about $4 a gallon here in my area. We are gonna buy a share of a cow and get our milk a lot cheaper. The government can't tell you that you can't drink the whole milk from your own cow. At least not yet. I have received a post that said they CAN stop you from drinking it in Maryland and they, in fact, have a guy with a staff who does that very thing. Them boys must use Armored Personnel Carriers and lots of body armor in their daily walk through life. It just would not work here in the Hoosier State.


I caught some flack for calling a fella a survivalist yesterday. He insists he is a prepper instead. And that is fine with me. I will, for the benefit of those who have not done the mental work, tell you that prepping denotes acquisition. You acquire though you may not use immediately. Survival is more akin to utilization. You may store up guns and ammo but you do not use them unless you are about to shoot something, or someone. You drive your car and "acquire" the knowledge that you are about to hit something via your eyesight. That is prepping. Then you take you foot and press on the brakes and try to avoid a collision. Putting on the brakes is survival. If you live with the mindset that you intend to live through most any calamitous event then whatever steps you take before hand are called preparations. Using up your preparations would be acting in a survival mode. I use the terms interchangeably. Maybe I shouldn't but I do.


If we could get these crazy neo-cons to halt the wars and bring our troops home from ALL foreign nations we would be so far ahead in the game of life that it would be amazing. The money saved would be a national dividend of gigantic proportions. We might even go back to being a creditor nation instead of the world biggest debtor. We would have all those troops on our own soil spending their pay on American products and spending at American businesses. Think of that little boost. We would also make some friends instead of making more enemies, which we now have in super abundance. We could protect our borders. And truth be known, we could probably get rid of a few hundred thousand troops and return them to civilian life. We would not have big defense companies getting non-competitive bids for supplies, like Haliburton does now. And Haliburton is not alone. A bunch of the sleazy devils are on the government dole right now. Then our House of Representatives would have no excuse for not keeping track of the nation's money.

But it won't happen. There is too much money to be made for the blood suckers to quit bleeding us dry. So we will have to wait until something happens that will free us from this bondage. And I believe it is coming. Too many people out there hate us and one or more of them will get the chance to hurt us and they will use it. Give an ape a rock and he will throw it.

Stay alive!



Dragon said...

Well Mike, I'm not to hot for Obamma but if folks think that McCain has a snow balls chance in helll, I've got some nice swamp land to sell them. Hands down I've repeatedly stated that the only way Obamma couldn't win is if he put Hillary on his ticket.
Pa is trying to push the libertarian candidate off the ballot and may succeed. They did it before to the Green candidate. But thats just Politics around here.
McCain has a tough road ahead, cause he's gotta distance hisself from Bush. Personally I see neither candidate as trustworthy and both are almost sure fire gonna cause TEOTWAWKI.
McCain could actually cause a collapse before 2012 and it wouldn't take O'Bamma much longer.
As for Me, I'll take my chances up in the mountains. I'd rather Die free than live for ten seconds as a slave. Dragon

Lac said...

"I am a student of Elmer Keith, the man responsible for the 44 Magnum Pistol. He said NEVER shoot a pistol that uses a bottleneck cartridge."

Why not?


Mayberry said...

I've said for years that we should close all foreign bases, bring everyone home, slam our borders shut tight, and take care of our own. Screw the rest of the world. We give and give and give, but what thanks do we get? Zip...