Monday, August 11, 2008


It's damned near a frosty morning, here in the valley. It's 52 degrees and gonna get up to 78 today. It's the first day of school and I just heard the school bus start up in preparation for the first trip of the year. Hard to believe that Summer is over for the kids but it is. They got almost two and a half months break. But you don't see too many of them out and about. The ones you see are the ones with motorized vehicles. Small little ATV's that don't go too fast but afford the kid something to drive. And drive them they do. Some of those kids can really put those little machines through their paces.

Hunting and fishing are not real popular these days with the kids. A couple of the younger boys fish but that seems to be about it. Maybe that will change as they get older and more trustworthy. We have a lot of land down here and hunting and fishing and trapping have always been part of the rite of passage for a young boy. And the furs taken this season ought to be prime. It looks like it is going to be cold and that means good fur. Just a natural thing. The colder it gets the more fur the critters produce, thicker and longer. Now if they could just learn to tan the pelts...

Russia is still hammering Georgia. Dropping bombs and sending in troops to do more killing. The world is still calling for a cease fire and Georgia seems to be highly amendable to it but the Russians are wanting to punish them, it looks like. And so the killing continues. And it is all over money. Fuel money. Maybe the largest concentration of natural gas on the planet is in the Caspian Basin. And the power plays and secret deals are huge. People want fuel and they want it badly. The governments want the money. Countries getting in the way of this can find themselves getting their asses kicked. The big dogs eat first. The big worry is that a couple of big dogs may decide to do the Big Nuclear Move against each other. That would instigate an instant conflagration world wide. The effects would be horrific. We would see the world plunged back into the 1840's pretty damn quick.

The Old Order Amish would not be effected too much. They are not on the grid anyway. They don't drive cars, they use horses. They have their own seed. They have their own hand-pumped wells. They generally have a stash of lumber on hand to do repairs around the homestead. If one of them takes a big hit they all pitch in and help rebuild the guy. Their medical attention has always been the burden of the whole community. They have no insurance and if someone has to go to the hospital for expensive treatment they take up a collection and pay for it. Some folks think the Amish are well to do, or even rich. Don't believe it. They have huge bills to pay. They just pay them and go on about their business. Their side businesses, sawmilling, gardening, some mercantilism, are for paying those bills. They could live a cashless life if it weren't for the bills they must pay. New buggies are not cheap and sometimes you gotta buy one. If they didn't get a big dose of radiation they would probably survive in fine shape. They just keep on keeping on.

The Handmaiden is drying Milkpods out on the porch. She is interested in utilizing the fibers inside the pods to make insulation for clothing and what not. It is supposed to be good stuff. We shall see. But it would take a TON of Milkpods to insulate a quilt.

Got an email from Riverwalker and he is happy with his new Texas Survivalist Network. He does not know how it will shake down as yet, but it seems to be attracting a large base of interested folks. He remarked that there were more female preppers than he or anyone else had imagined and I think that is really fine. No politician wants to piss off the ladies and as long as there are plenty of them on the Texas Survivalist Network it will be pretty much a hands off area. I know that Riverwalker is happy about that. The NRA found out about the political power of the women and put it to good use in their pro-gun campaigns. They got those ladies out on the range shooting pistols and whatnot and it really helped.

It was a little chilly last night and our new kitten finally slept with our much older male cat. He is neutered so there was no hanky panky but it was cute to see them together this morning.

I'll close for now and wish you all a good day. Stay alive!



gott_cha said...

this whole deal on the Georgian conflict is deception. Reuters has been caught faking photos. Georgia has been armed and supplied by NATO.
Israel got in on this scene in the mid 90's and has armed them with Anti-aircraft munitions and presently has over 1,000 "Advisers" training Georgia's army.

Now for hypocrisy,..Georgia broke from the USSR in the early 90's and Ossetia broke from Georgia in the mid 95 time frame,...they have the pipeline and its on Russia's border.
Georgia has been caught in acts of genocide and their is proof of them burning alive Ossetia refuges. Yet the USA and D.C. is claiming Russia has a heavy hand and it will soil our relations with Moscow,...hell what about our proposed missle sites in Poland and other border countries that we keep cramming down their throats?

Is it any wonder that The old "BEAR" is flying bomber missions over the artic,..or Fly-by's on our Navy fleets.....what about their refueling bombers in Cuba?

Our Govt. is damn quick to call the kettle black on anyone that stands to protect their own interest,..yet the whole time justifying its own imperial ambitions.
Dont get me wrong here,..Im not for Russia or saying they do good, just exposing the hypocrisy of our own Dayum Govt.

Truth be know,...this is nothing more than a test by the Pentagon/CIA/NATO to test and push at Russia's backdoor evaluating their ready-response.

Its a game that may go very sour in a heartbeat

Riverwalker said...

Thanks for the moral support. Trying to organize people can be a daunting task.