Monday, August 18, 2008


I have read where Spain has called it's people back from vacation early this year. Their economy is collapsing and they need to get busy and try to stop the slide into the pit. And the last time I checked Spain had the 10th largest economy in the world. They hit the ball pretty hard over there. You might check the CIA fact book for the actual numbers. But Germany has lost it's boom and France and England are failing like crazy, so Spain won't be too far behind. I think Spain is the number one producer of Olives in the world. Most of your Italian Olive Oil is from Spanish Olives. And speaking of Olive Oil, I aim to get me a supply of that good stuff. I believe I told you I found a good supply at a decent price. I will be going for that pretty soon. I need to have more oils in my preps. Oils are essential to most everything. Lard, Olive Oil, even the nasty commercial stuff. You really need it for a decent diet. If you are prepping try to stay with Lard and Olive Oil if possible. Get some of the other stuff if you must, but the Lard and the Olive Oil are the ones you want to have is possible. Don't forget your ASS. That stands for Anchovies, Sardines, and Salmon. Most excellent sources of Omega-3 fats. Keeps you healthy!

My food inventory has been very helpful for future planning. I know where I am strong and where I am weak. I'll try to make up the weaknesses as fast as I can. I really need to inventory tools and ammo also. A clothing inventory might not be a bad idea. We are so very strongly accustomed to our instant gratification at the various stores we frequent that we may lose our edge in keeping track of what we have. And you had better keep track of what of have, my friends. Denver had it's coldest August 16th in 118 years of record keeping. It never got above 58 degrees. Beat the old record of 63 by 5 degrees. Not even close.

Things are supposed to be getting cheaper at the stores but I will believe that when I see it. They can say whatever they wish on the corporate media, but I am the guy who has to pull his wallet out when the buy is made.

The federal government is not slowing it's spending down one iota. If they don't have enough cash they just print some more. Too bad they are about 5 years too late. I have studied some of these economic bubbles the world has experienced back through history and they never came back. Once they died, they were over and done with. I would say that this group of bubbles will not be back either. The world has gotten wise to our game and they will not fall for it again.

Our banks are just about cooked the final degree. I even read a post by a reasonable economist that was speculating on just what big banks would make it through the financial swamp over to dry land. There were some big names that were questionable. General Motors is on the ropes and floundering about like a fish out of water. Low miles-per-gallon got 'em. All those expensive SUVs finally made them lose fifteen billion dollars in one quarter. I guess they couldn't read the handwriting on the wall. Buying cars, flipping houses, investing in the stock market. All things of history as far as the working man is concerned. I remember working at General Motors 45 years ago and the big thought out on the floor of the plants was that they might get too much of the automobile market share and the fedgov would come at them with anti-trust lawsuits. They pay pensions out of this world. Wonder how long that will hold up? Pensions are not too popular these days. The big funds that back them up are involved in stocks and bundled mortgages. Not good. Your pension could disappear in a flash, as all the executives leave the country for safer climates. But that safer climate might get pretty damn crowded what with the international group that will be seeking to join them. Politicians will be numbered in this exodus also. They will be one step ahead of the howling mob. Of course, they will get good protection all the way to the airport. They will bum rides from the big corporate leaders.

So, with all the doom and gloom in mind, I will prepare as best I can. My wallet ain't fat enough to leave and my heart would not be in it, so I had better be ready to make it through the hard times. My wife stands with me and we intend to go for it whatever the God of heaven has in mind for us to go through. So take your inventories and check yourself out. Get what you ain't got and prepare for a cold Winter. It could be a humdinger. I'll let you know of anything I run up on and don't you forget to comment to me! I never have said I know everything!

Stay alive.



The Urban Survivalist said...

We've had a lot of hot, dry days this summer but those seem to be over. All in all the summer seemed really short. It's cooled down very quickly around here and it's been raining like crazy. I haven't had to water my garden in a week. I'm also expecting a cold winter with lots of snow. I should try to find a used snowmobile while they're still cheap.

Kim said...

I've been working on my food inventory. Inventorying other stuff is a good idea too.
You may not be getting many comments because you cover your subjects so thoroughly. There's not much to add. Keep up the good work!

Mayberry said...

The weather is WEIRD right now. We've got a COLD FRONT! Down here! In AUGUST!!! The damn thing has stalled out, and has been dumpin' rain on us for the last 2 days. The end of September/ October is when this kinda stuff happens. Not now! August rain comes off the Gulf, not from a front! This winter is gonna suck.....