Saturday, August 9, 2008



Lots of talk in the news about Russia and their little dust up in Georgia. There are those who think this could lead to a major shooting war between Russia and the USA. I am going out on a limb and say it ain't gonna happen. I am going to say the Russia will find some saving grace to hang it's hat on and bow out gracefully. Georgia is a client state of the USA and Nato, and Russia doesn't have the shit to do anything about that.

It all has to do with the gozillion cubic feet of natural gas that is under the Caspian Basin. One of the richest piles of cash still on the planet. It is such a vast reserve of natural gas that it might dwarf the Saudi Arabian oil patch as far as availible energy. It is a monster. And it has to be piped out of there and it has to go through SOME country or countries and Russia wants to control that and a whole lot of western nations don't want them to do it.


If you click on you will be treated to a very good history of American wars and the banks who backed them. And they are still at it. It is an amazingly long article to be presented as a column on Lew Rockwell but I was unable to quite reading it. It is so fact filled as to be astounding. Just fact, after fact, after fact, showing the profiteering of wall street banks from war. Big wars, little wars, it doesn't matter. The Bankers are there and raking it in. Their well placed and well financed servants are always working for the profit of the banks. Such a pity that these traitors cannot be stopped. But one day they shall be stopped and men will find another way to settle their differences other than slaughtering each other. And the despots of finance will have no part nor lot in the business of it. It wil be a wonderful day when we don't go off to die for a bankers gain. When we don't go off and kill for a bankers gain. A wonderful day indeed.


The Handmaiden recently picked up a book at the Library titled Amish Roots and it's author is John A. Hostetler. Not a bad read. Like I have stated before, I am not taken with the Amish religion but I admire their skills they use to live simply. A major point Hostetler brings up in the beginning is that they purposely decided not to become involved in technology and modern conveniences such as TV and telephones and radios is that the Elders decided it would destroy their Brotherhood and their sense of community. And they were right. They hit that one right on the nose.

I know what builds a city and I know what tears it down. The group builds the city and the individual tears it down. We wewnt 15 years before a TV came into our village. And we were close. We didn't have a lot of go-to-town vehicles and we made our own entertainment. We bought kegs of beer and brought them home and had our party. Drink all you want-no charge. We had our own band for music and dancing. The leader of the band, Larry Summerton, always kept an open microphone on the bandstand. Anyone who wanted to be a singer in the band was welcome to use it. That was a good tradition.

But when the stereos and the TV's started coming in the interest in the village band went on the wane. People wanted to stay home and listen to THEIR music. Hell, it wasn't their music at all, it was from the corporate supply everyone else listened to. It was from the music INDUSTRY. And that was our loss. But the Amish don't allow that kind of stuff. Ain't no music industry coming into their homes. They get by on home cookin'! They suffer the loss of their young, to a certain degree, because of their dislike for modern contrivences, but their numbers grow and double every 22 years and they seem to be happy with that.

I think of the people who want to make their retreat as much like the modern world as they can. What was part of their downfall as a society they wish to bring with them into the new society. What a joke! Do you realize that the Amish don't have any of the bullshit of modern life to lose? They don't have it to begin with! Nothing in their home is electric. Nothing is trasistorized or anything else electronic. And they eat well. In fact they eat better than most Americans. It is simple food but it is cooked well and it is healthy and clean. And so are the Amish. They know how to preserve things and keep things over the Winter. They get around with their horses just fine. Their farmland is very fertile and well producing. But they keep it simple.

They don't want a 400 or 600 acre farm. They are quite happy with a 40 or 60 acre farm. It provides them with their needs quite well. They are excellent farmers and know how to plant and harvest. They will rent a small piece of ground somewhere and run a lttle saw mill for spending money. They pay property tax just like the rest of us do. They pay cash for whatever they buy. And they drive a good bargain in their negotiating.

That's all for now. stay alive and I will try to get back with more.



Mayberry said...

The Amish are smart. Hell, I'd join up with 'em if it weren't for the religious part.... The rest of us should look to the Amish for a model of the way to live.

And for all the "entertainment" provided by CDs, TVs, and all the other modern conveniences, nothin' beats a live band, a keg o' beer, and good friends.....

Anonymous said...

Sadly, slowly but surely they are being integrated into the Party. The amish and mennonites and what not. I see them all the time. Some with credit cards, social security cards.

And he causeth all both poor and rich....

Staying Alive said...

Mayberry, I fell like you do to a great extent. I don't know about their pacifism. If someone is grabbing one of mine I will attack them with whatever is handy.

kenneth h, I have not heard of this but I hope is it wrong. Shame to lose a crowd of potential survivors to the system. Tragedy.