Tuesday, December 16, 2008


USA Loses In An Economics War And Is Now A Defeated and Conquered Nation with a destroyed industrial infrastructure, forced to live on imports and on credit from anyone who will offer it. Here is how it happened:

Americans have been defeated in an economics war with consequences as meaningful and damaging as if having lost a military war. Strangely, the citizens do not feel the pain and economic destruction to the same extent as a perilous military defeat. Americans are oblivious to how this defeat happened and how it is affecting them, going about their merry way, living well in passive and painless submission, on borrowed money and cheap imports from China and Japan.

China and Japan each operate their economies as one huge business that is done first-and-foremost for the best interest of their countries. Functioning with a unique, effective and a most-creative system of guided and managed capitalism, their economies are set up to destroy any competitive economy that stands in their way.

These two nations may have a handful of rich entrepreneurs, but no one makes money at the expense or the well-being of their country. The economies of China and Japan are planned, guided and nurtured where necessary, with defined goals – for the benefit of their countries.
Witness Japan. From the ashes of the bombings in 1945, to today, after 63 years, Japan is now one of the world’s most productive nations. The country has accomplished this feat with only 4 percent of America’s land mass, 40 percent of America’s total population and no natural resources.

With far less people, land and resources, Japan has an $80 billion yearly balance-of-trade surplus with the U.S. It has the second largest current account surplus next to China and has accumulated $1.2 trillion during the last 20 years while currently lending America $517.2 billion. Per capita, Japan now out produces all other nations while paying the world’s highest wages.
Americans should take note of Japan’s ability to rise from a tattered-and-torn nation, with a third-world country status, to one of the world’s most powerful countries. China and Japan operate their economies in a war-like fashion to destroy their competitors, strategically backing Americans into an increasingly impossible corner. These countries have now become America’s foremost bankers, which gives them leveraged advantage as our fiercest competitors. The U.S. cannot compete with these two global competitors, China and Japan.

It is impossible for Americans to compete with next-to-nothing Chinese wage rates, coupled with China's excellent technology. Japan demonstrates unparalleled strength through its superior capital and knowledge intensive manufacturing sector. Both nations have completely knocked the U.S. out of many of the industries the U.S. originally founded.

America’s TV manufacturing industry is 100 percent foreign owned, the sound recording industry is 97 percent foreign owned, and the motion picture industry is 75 percent foreign owned, with Japan controlling many of these individual companies. Foreigners own 79 percent of the commodity, contracts, dealings and brokerage business.

Nations that finance our foreign debt and export numerous products to the U.S. are building large currency reserves from their balance of trade surpluses: Arab countries have $3 trillion, China has $1.8 trillion and Japan has amassed $1 trillion. These currency reserves are economic bullets poised to strike and take out any American company.

All U.S. companies are for sale on the open stock market. We could not, in our "free trade" economy, prevent the takeover of U.S. companies. Having so many "economic bullets," foreign entities came in and obliterated American ownership of our companies. These were the companies (16,613 of them sold to foreign interests in the last 30 years) that formerly generated wealth and strength for our country; the means by which we became the world’s richest and strongest country with the highest standard of living.

Chinese and Japanese companies are not for sale. They understand their companies are the wealth generators, representing the best interests of the entire nation. American industries no longer benefit the people; they benefit a select few billionaires, millionaires and stock holders. These individuals are not concerned about the welfare of the country, only their own, often to the detriment of the country.

It is from the Chinese and Japanese business models that America must mold itself. Companies should not benefit a select few, but should enrich and empower the country as a whole. When America realizes this, businesses will not be bought-up, but industry primarily will remain domestic. This must occur to stop dependence on foreign capital and imports. We must modify our system to prevent takeover and predatory practices by foreign competitors, putting protective measures in place as most other countries have done. This will protect us and allow us to become productive, competitive and economically independent. If this is not immediately implemented, we must resign ourselves as a defeated and conquered nation. Living as a foreign owned colony, controlled and managed by foreign interests for their benefit, and we as their subjects.

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