Thursday, December 25, 2008


It's cold out this morning. And I reckon it is the time of year for that. Now I am getting ready for 2009. It looks like it could be a real Heller. The riots and the burning will not come upon us for a while yet. Too damn cold for your average rioter to get out there and do his thing. If you ain't noticed, crime goes down in Chicago during the Winter. But it is also the time of planning the next garden. And here comes the Survival Clan to help with the growing of it. There is Bustedknuckles to drive the tractor and keep it running. And here is Pearls to talk to the media about what we are doing. And Shy and the Hermit are over setting up security. Kemp is checking out his tiller for the coming few months of labor. Mayberry is talking to everyone and helping with everything. Dragon has an eye on the weather and about 50 people are coming in to help weed the damn thing. Grumpunk is here to take care of any wounds that maybe suffered. Looks like we will have a bumper crop this season. It turns out the only thing we have to buy is about 5 gallons of fish emulsion. Put it down heavy over by the corn!

The only problem is it is not going to happen that way. We humans are not given to doing things the easy sensible way. When we have time and materials and the energy to accomplish most anything we are given to going our individualistic ways, content in knowing we know what is best. Ahh...the ways of mankind. So we wait until we are all reduced to our lowest standard of living and we go from there. And it will be the kids who suffer. They trust ol' mom and dad to provide and they will be sorta confused when mom and dad can't quite cut the mustard. And what are those soldiers doing blocking the Interstate while we try to get to The Valley?

And things will be bad when the SHTF. It will hit when the weather warms up. The fedgov bailouts will all have failed and the nation will be on its knees. The majority of folks are totally mindless and don't even know where their food comes from. It simply amazes me how much knowledge and experience has been lost in this country concerning food production. The dumbing down of the citizenry is astounding. Big corporations have taken away the very key to staying alive. Governments have take away the ability to own your own property. Regulatory bodies have increased the taxes you pay in order for them to exist. To Arms! To Arms! The fedgov is coming! But we still have a window of time to prepare and get ready. We still have time to dig in and get our supplies and plans made. And I know that I will have 50 to 75 emails tomorrow asking how to get to The Valley. Hah! Maybe, just maybe, I can arrange a little convention this year and y'all can come visit and check the place out.

But some things have to be done, some conclusions arrived at, and these things must start happening pretty quickly. After all, we must have SOMEPLACE to cling to our guns and our religious beliefs, no matter how scornful Obama speaks of such things. Obama is city boy. The city is where all the votes are. Hell, out here in the country there ain't any mass of voters worth mentioning. We sorta look after ourselves. But the city is where all the trouble will begin. The city is where all the people who don't know how to grow food hang out. The city is where the helpless congregate. And the city is where the die-off will begin. Cities exist at the mercy of big diesel trucks. Nu Yawk Sity has a 3 day supply of food. I have heard arguments that Atlanta has a three week supply. Same with Charlottte. God only knows how L.A. and Chicago will make it if the food runs out. But we know that L.A. be bankrupt in a few weeks. Rioting anyone? Even if you have preps and you live in those cities the word on the street is you don't want to look well fed or you will attract the wrong kind of attention. The kind of attention that will get you robbed and beaten and raped.

It should be obvious by now that the preponderance of our fellow citizens are not much more than animals. This is what the system produces. Just go drive through some of the big cities and see what they have to offer. Crime, drugs, etc. Filthy streets and filthier people. The air is thick with smog. The smells are not healthy. You read of the celebrities who go out at night and party, party, party. If you read on you will note that they travel with large gangs of protection to keep from getting the shit beaten out of them. In our Valley it is possible to go out at night and roam all over the place and not have any trouble. We don't have the animals the big cities have and we ain't gonna have them either. There is a certain pattern of behavior established here and if you break it you will probably get broken yourself. It does not abolish the human nature but it sure abolishes violence to your fellow man. You will get more than you give, believe it.

So, we end the day's writing with the usual admonition to get out of the cities and into the country. Get in a group and don't try the lone wolf approach to life. Create your own little town or settlement. Make friends and help each other. Grow your own food and don't rely on the system to feed you. Protect your little town and all your friends. Cling to your guns, as Obama would say. Screw Obama.

Stay alive.



Phil said...

Merry Christmas to you sir and to your remarkable wife also.

We do what we can do,no one can see the future with certainty but that light at the end of the tunnel is actually a fully loaded freight train.

Best wishes.


Anonymous said...

L.A. if the History Channel program about earthquakes and its interview with L.A.'s director on the subject is correct, has 1 day. That is according to the director. 24+ hours not much more worth of material consumables, which is their estimate for what they have in warehouses and stores. The director, God bless, him was explaining how this will not do in the event of a major earthquake, and talked about how it will knock out transportation making the issue worse. He sounds kind of like us in the have things on hand and damn it I want more on hand. He knows that city is fubar if a major crisis happens.

I have no information on Chicago.

Mayberry said...

Dang Michael, a gathering of prepperslike that, what a time that would be... What a great community that would be! Have hoe, will travel......

That's what worries me the most, is the look on my kids' faces when I have to tell 'em there's nothin' to eat and our home is gone..... I ain't ever gonna let it get to that point. No sir!