Sunday, December 14, 2008


CIA Embedded in Every State Government

Jesse Ventura Speaks about his personal experiences and knowledge of such facts!

Former Governor Jesse Ventura exposes he was interrogated by more than 20 CIA agents during his term of office in Minnesota. Despite the CIA's mission statement which states they are not to be operational within the Unites States, Ventura stated that he had embedded CIA agents working in high level positions of the Minnesota state government. Ventura also said that when these agents retired, their replacements were already chosen for him by the CIA. Video at:


Dragon said...

That information is entirely accurate.
Wait there's more.

Grumpyunk said...

Jessie is a smart guy and I don't doubt what he says here. Makes you wonder just what it's all about and how many other areas they are into outside of the operating parameters they are supposed to adhere to.

You just can't trust those folks

BTW, sounds like he's promoting a book here. That would be entertaining reading for sure.