Sunday, December 28, 2008


What will the people of the world be doing in the late 2050's? I use that date because that is when the population of the earth that we have now is supposed to double. That means we will have roughly 12 billion bipeds walking around looking for a Big Mac and Fries, super-sized if you please. I cannot even fathom having that many people on the globe. It is just staggering in it's volume. All those people looking for a drink of water and some food. My God! How can we possibly cope with such a calamity? I look at what we might have to do to accommodate people moving into the valley and while we can take some more, no problem, what are we going to do when Nu Yawk Sity and Chicago and L.A. and Houston start disgorging all their people because they can't provide for them. You talk about hordes of Zombies at loose upon the land!

We ain't gonna get anymore animals fed than we have right now. The Oceans are getting fished out pretty rapidly. Crop land is actually diminishing. What we grow right now has to be watered by deep wells and pumped-dry rivers. A lot of our wells are pumping salt anymore. In case you don't know it, salt is a poison to a plant we can eat. I can wrap my brain around what to do right now, the way things are. But doubling the population is more than I can figure out.

As it stands right now, it would seem to me that we will have a couple of nuclear holocausts looming in our future. Billions will die. And I ain't so sure I will see these little bangs go off. I might have some genetic material running around but I can't say anymore than that. So what do we do?

Well, we have gotten out of the cities and out on the land. We can have farms and timberlands for building and food. If we are fortunate we can have flowing springs to give us water. We have need to go to areas that are not prone to flooding or drought. Drought makes for a very bad crop. And we must be prepared to defend this land. We cannot allow anyone to take our livelihood away from us. And these things will be a matter of life and death. Humanity will develop as a hoard of Locusts covering the earth and eating everything in sight. And this is being looked at from the position of a person who will probably not even be here to experience the ordeal. But my kids and grandkids may very well be in the thick of it. And so will yours.

We made up our minds to be survivors and it looks like we have the mind to do it. We have learned our Beans, Bullets, and Band-aids pretty well and most of us are getting right along with our stores. We have made this concerted effort to go ahead and live and stake out a claim on the future. But do we have any idea of what we are getting involved in? I am really convinced that the coming years are in no way, shape, fashion, or form, going to be easy. I think we are looking at a really tough life for the next 50 years. We held our hand up when the question was asked about our feeling toward staying alive through the collapse of the world economy and who wanted to make it. I wonder what we got ourselves into and how our kids will come out of it. But what the hell will the ones who didn't go along with survivalism have to face? Chains?

Stay alive.



Anonymous said...

I doubt we really need worry about the population doubling. As you pointed out there simply is no way to sustain it even in a world awash with cheap oil which by 2050 it certainly wont be.

The great dying is coming. And it isn't just the ecosystem that will be dying but humans too.

Mayberry said...

I mentioned on my blog today how I feel we've hit or passed the tipping point population wise. Chris is right I think.....

Shy Wolf said...

Hopefully our children have learned from us, and by living through the coming times, will be even better prepared than we to not only cope but thrive in a society they will be primary creators of.
At least, that's the hope. All they need remember is to not allow the ragheads to brainwash their children or the libs steal their hard-won freedoms.