Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Michael sex: An ugly picture, to be sure. Is it true? I don't know. But every thing is being manipulated and we all know it. Just why is up to us to decide at this point.

The Purpose of the Economic Meltdown

By Congress Check on December 16th, 2008
Carolyn HarrisInfowarsDecember16, 2008

We all know economic depression here, and some of us have an inkling about what is coming. The governments vacillate between spewing gloom and doom and ridiculous ‘happy fun clown time’ gibberish at the great unwashed masses depending upon whether they want fools to buy into the stock market at that particular time to make certain fat cats even richer, or they want those fools to sell and lose almost everything.

The housing bubble has been popped, the stock market is crashing and pensions are being siphoned off minute by minute. It’s clear that gold is being manipulated at the same time the dollar is going down. The contortionate “credit instruments” and exotic book-keeping (what an oxymoron that is) methods of investment houses, bankers and large businesses have all happened in a top-down way on purpose. The more they ripped off the little guy the bigger their commission and bonus; it is a system that thrives, indeed lives off of insatiable greed. And the monsters near the top aren’t sweating one bit. They know what is happening and they know what is coming next.

The fiat currency house of cards is tumbling down because the international bankers just exhaled a puff of the expensive smoke from their Cuban Cohiba Behike cigar and blew on it. In other words, it was planned. It is time now for the next phase of their plan.

It’s high time someone put it all together, without focusing on individual trees. There is a reason that the system was set up this way; there is a reason why home loans were offered to folks who couldn’t possibly pay them back and there is a reason why this all happening.

Put succinctly, this is all part of the Agenda 21 plan. Look closely at the map and notice just how much land area are “little or no human activity” zones. Notice how the small towns have disappeared and there are only major cities with specific travel corridors between them. That’s right, losing your job, your house, your land is part of their plan. NAFTA, CAFTA and GATT were part of this plan were enacted to get rid of the American manufacturing base and all the associated jobs. Without a home (or any viable housing options), a job and food, you have no other choice but to go where those necessities are located: the city.

The documents available (.pdf) to anyone who will read them state very clearly that in the first decade of this century there will be massive migration to the cities. The documents state in no uncertain terms that they “predict” ( class warfare (.pdf) as the middle class disappears and most will be reduced to abject poverty in said swelling cities. The documents and articles explain that the “bio-fuel” scam will wreak havoc with the world’s food supply, that GMO crops lead to less yield and that the uber rich are going to have to hide for a while to escape the hordes of angry, hungry and dirty people.

Realize that when one takes out a home loan, the bank actually owns the house until it’s completely paid off. If a mortgage isn’t paid, possession reverts to the banks. Only the wealthy are able to buy property at this time, and they certainly don’t want your three bedroom 2.5 bath brick rambler. This begs the question - what will be done with all these vacant houses?

Logic dictates that they must be rendered unusable. Most likely they will be stripped of copper and condemned and later bulldozed. They can’t have any “non-cooperative human subjects” fleeing the stinking cesspit cities for the fresh air of the country, now can they? They will have to render all repossessed houses unlivable in the “little or no human activity” zones.

Concomitant to the orchestrated mortgage meltdown, there is the Orwellian-sounding planned “credit crunch” - meaning that businesses who operated on the knife-edge and had to use credit to continue operating day-to-day are no longer able to get the credit they require. No more ships bringing in goods, truckers able to deliver goods, employers able to pay employees. The domino effect which we have begun to see will enlarge to horrific corporations, rendering those crappy burger-flipping jobs an enviable situation, except that people won’t even be able to afford those crappy burgers. Grocery stores run completely out of stock in three days; without stock being brought to them by trucks, it makes for a desperate situation and desperate people.

Without jobs, no one can consume, without consumption the entire US economy collapses. The US government is in the process of defaulting on it’s debts - SmartMoney.com said, “short-term Treasury yields actually turned negative.” The US Dollar will have to be demonetized at some point in 2009 which will instantly render all paper currency worldwide totally valueless. With empty grocery stores and no means of exchange, there will be food riots very quickly. Be assured that power companies, television and cable will still be working at that time, even though other business will not be. This is important to the plan because everyone will be glued to their “tee-vee” waiting for Mother Government to tell them what is going on and what they should do. And the New World Order plan will shift into high gear at that point.

Local representatives of Mother Government will announce that all hungry, desperate people should all go quietly and calmly to the nearest school, community center or some other large place and Mother Government will “help” them, feed them and their children. This, of course, will be the pick up points to transport people to FEMA camps (all 1400 of them) so they can be ‘taken care of’ and provided with the things they need. Here is the document that says exactly how people will be processed in. Here is the list of Executive Orders allowing the President to nix the Constitution, suspend the Congress and institute Martial Law, separate families, remove entire communities, take possession of all communication, food sources, water supplies and so on. And woe unto you if you have a skill that would be helpful to Mother Government! You can be conscripted, without remuneration and they don’t have to return you. How is that for an employer from hell?

After most hungry and scared sheeple obey the talking head on the “tee-vee” and go willingly to the camps, there will be some who have heeded the advice and taken steps necessary to provide emergency food, buy guns and ammunition and safety gear for themselves and their families. These hold-outs will be problematic for Mother Government and the New World Order plan. Rest assured that as people are processed into the camps and their information entered into the IRIS system, it will be checked against the consolidated databases and the hold-out’s names will be noted. Remember, once Martial Law is declared due to the emergency of dollar demonetization, there is no more Constitution, there are no more rights. Hold-outs will be considered enemies of the State.

When most Americans are ’safely’ within the clutches of FEMA, the squalid conditions, lack of medication, forced vaccinations, and sub-standard, irradiated and non-nutritive food will cause many deaths, but that’s fine because it is further depopulation. More people dead = less slaves to manage. Some will be assigned to work crews to demolish the abandoned and repossessed houses in the “no human activity zones,” others will be working on the cities for the massive influx of slaves [EO 1104], once the work is done and the controllers are ready to repopulate the cities.

Mother Government has an electronic dossier on each person containing any and all information obtainable - that given willingly to Mother Government and that gleaned from extensive data-mining operations, legal and illegal. It contains not only school and medical records, travel, employment and purchasing history, social network, communications, your political leanings and everything else they can get their hands on, and it all adds up to your “data double” for which they run algorithms to figure out your personality, and mental and emotional state. It contains everything there is to know about you that they can obtain, and they think they know you. With this information, they run simulations to determine what your reaction will be to any given stimulus, and the reaction of others with a similar profile, to determine the best way to eliminate you.

With extensive satellite and land-based surveillance, smart dust and other technologies, they will be able to determine where the hold-outs are, and with the results of their simulations, the best way to mitigate the trouble a hold-out may cause. This will include massive aerial spraying in order to sicken hold-outs, ruin crops and kill livestock not already in the hands of Mother Government. There will be no mercy, as those who think for themselves and truly value freedom are the most dangerous to their plan.

But do no forget that more people are waking up every day due to the dedicated and dynamic efforts of Patriots everywhere; and there are many, many more of us than there are of them. If we redouble our efforts at education (especially of law enforcement and military) and preparation, we have a real chance at not only slowing down the nefarious New World Order plan, but stopping it. Only five per cent of the population fought the British in the Revolutionary war - the colonists were out-gunned, out-manned and out-spent, but their determination to be free outweighed everything that was thrown at them. What we face is a much greater tyranny and truly diabolical people who are bent on the near destruction of the human race.
This is a hellish, nightmarish scenario, but if one reads the documents the plan is laid bare for all to see. Time is very, very short, and those who understand must do everything in their power to educate others and prepare for what is coming. If you don’t take care of yourself, Mother Government will.


Mayberry said...

At this point, I've been given no reason whatsoever not to believe this is all true. I will not be a slave. That's why I prep. That's why I am a sudden convert to mass weapon ownership. They may take me, but not without a fight, and certainly not alive......

Dragon said...

what is planned, but what will happen will be much different...I'm working on a post along those lines...Those monsters at the top better start sweating, because when it's all said and done they will no longer BE.