Saturday, December 20, 2008


I can get all wound out on the news of the day or I can get into Mayberry and Big John Lipscomb on the radio last night. Mayberry and Big John are what interest me so let's go there.

It was a good show and both men were pretty smooth. Big John is a pro and Mayberry is clever. The only thing I could even complain about was Big John insisting on calling Mayberry an expert survivalist. If he had called Mayberry an expert Boat repairman I would have agreed wholeheartedly. But two or three times he handed him the football calling him an expert survivalist and I didn't think that was fair. And Mayberry was not trying to be an expert. He was just being what he is and that is a man who has seen the light and has figured it out that we had better do something to save our asses. And who can fault Mayberry for that? It sets him at about the top 1% of the nation, intelligence-wise, as it is.

I liked how Mayberry handled himself in talking about the things we would need when the SHTF. He got pretty well spoken on having some friends around for help and having a garden and some animals for when the food stash runs out. Real good, down-to-earth, common sense that could appeal to anyone with an IQ larger than their shoe size. When asked what single gun he would choose above all others if he could only have one due to financial restraints, Mayberry replied with "A shotgun." I was sitting here hollering "Go Mayberry!" at that remark. Damn straight.

John brought up a good story about his 21 year old daughter who went to a young couple's house to spend the night. She had no idea they were even cognizant of things getting bad but during the course of the evening they took her into their spare bedroom and to her astonishment it was stacked steep and deep with provisions of all sorts. Loaded with survival goods. And these people never said a word about it. They were 'silent' preppers. John really liked that story and so did I. It makes you wonder how many of them are out there. I know I get emails from some people I don't know and who don't make noise, but they sure are paying attention. I treat them with respect. You wonder how many of these kind of people are out there. They wouldn't say shit if they had a mouthful, but they are getting ready.

And getting ready is what Big John Lipscomb's show is all about. He has a good deal on non-hybrid seed and he is one of the few people on the planet who will sell it to you in some sort of bulk supply. I cannot thank him enough for his efforts in the area of food production. Mayberry rang that bell last night. Non-hybrid seed for growing the food you need when the system runs out. And it is not so much that the earth is going to run out of food, because it is going to produce for a long, long time. But the idea of global trade having control of our food supply is ignorant and dangerous. The idea of globalism is a rip-off from the word go. Things get too technical and the supply lines get to be too long and fuel gets too high for globalism to work in peace and harmony.

And it is in the interests of peace and harmony that I say that food production will need to be local in the years ahead. If you haven't paid any attention you can look around and you will find yourself in a very large country with not too great a population. Most of our people are settled along the coastlines. Prime targets for a missile swarm. But the interior of the country is not that populated. It is very big but is does not have a lot of people in it, compared to the coastal plains where find most of our people abiding. It is not totally problem free but it's close enough that most of us can make it if we try.

The missiles will swarm and the bombs will explode. There will be die-offs like never seen in the world of men. And I say let it come. Let the aware prosper and the sleepy face destruction. There is nothing wrong with that attitude. Both sides will have earned their reward and far be it from me to deprive a man of his just due. And this country will have garnered the wrath of men all around the globe. The Fortress of the High Ideals will be shown to be made of cheap cardboard and inhabited by scoundrels. But it won't always be that way. There are a lot of Mayberry's out there who want to live and be decent men and take care of their families. And I am with them, for that is what I want to do also.

I must close and get ready for a celebration this evening. We are having the Feast of the Brotherhood and it will be one hell of a feast and my big ass is gonna be there! We always have a week of festivities right around the Winter Solstice. It's good for the soul, especially the way this Winter has been behaving and it is not even Winter as yet.

Stay alive and may all your friends and family stay alive with you!



Mayberry said...

That "expert" thing did make me a bit uncomfortable, but I let it go... Thanks for the kind words Michael.

LuciferWar said...

Michael and Mayberry,
Hey now. You did a fine job on DTOM Mayberry. About that expert thing. You gotta realize John has a way of forcing men to quickly rise to their potentials. Potentials they might not have realized they had. Thanks Mayberry, thanks Michael.
Prep on,