Thursday, December 11, 2008


I am sitting here trying to write another post for the blog after losing the one I typed earlier. I am listening to Big John Lipscomb as I type. That boy is a load, I tell ya. "He's rough. He's raw. He's just what is needed in the days to come." It's amazing how direct Big John really is in his talk of the condition of the world. He comes right out and says the truth and I wonder how many people really understand him.

John has some good ideas of how to live and I respect him for it. What I would like to do is get out ahead of most folks and look at the future of our people. I want you to look at Survivalism very closely and imagine it as the way of life for millions of people in the future. As we get the error of this present world system through to our understanding, we will just naturally look at what is left, what is right and sensible. We will have to come to this. Our ideas of 'growth' and 'expansion' and 'credit' are gong by the wayside among those with a brain. The idea of a global economy is going to become a dim memory to mankind. There are too many lies in all of this bill-of-goods that has been sold to us and we are discovering them. The truth is making us free.

I want to get on the idea that we have to survive rather than do all of these other things that our beloved governments tell us we need to do. Being humans we have a tendency to be jealous, to entertain envy, and we have to get over that if we are to remain free and viable. You need a house that is warm in Winter and cool in the Summer, or at least tolerable in the Summer. That is your very real need. Things can get awfully dreadful if we don't have shelter. But the shelter doesn't need to be a McMansion with a $250,000 mortgage on it that some banker can come take way from you if you miss a payment. It needs to be the best you can build for NO MORTGAGE. It needs wood heat instead of electric or natural gas or a heat pump or a pellet stove or whatever floats your boat in this day and age. They can cut your electricity off but it is hard to shut down your wood stove. And you can cook on that wood stove too. Good hot meals with lots of locally grown vegetables and home raised meat. But you have to pass on the stuff from across the ocean. The cost is too dear and the fuel is expensive. And if it poisons you, you don't have any recourse with the producer. He's sitting in a bar in Shanghai drinking up the profit from that tainted food he sold you. Not good field position.

You need to get your water from a spring or a hand pump well. I know you don't like that but they both work when the electricity goes off. Let the electricity go off for a while, a few days, and your non-electric water supply will start to look mighty good to you. Mighty good indeed.

Then we will have to do away with taxes. Income tax will be the first thing to dismiss. Ain't much of anybody go any of it anyhow. It ain't in-come, it's out-go. And we will be busy feeding our family and keeping our houses repaired and we won't have time for any income so that will be out of the question. It will be declared a sin for a man to be taxed for staying alive. This will do way with a lot of Warlords and other disreputable people some folks think will be coming on the stage in the future. If someone mentions taxes they get their heads chopped off and that will end the discussion. Hard to keep a conversation with someone whose head is severed from their body anyhow. Property taxes will be the same way. What the individual settlements levy upon themselves will be what anyone has to pay. That will be it. All money will be local and everyone will know who is spending what. Money will have to be agreed upon by the local people before anything can be levied for their collective good. Most likely a fund for the care of widows and orphans will be the biggest expense and don't anyone gripe about it. It has to be done. Period.

With all of this in mind, it is not hard to see why I say that continuing to prep is really the lifestyle we must hold to. We can never be caught with our pants down again. We can never be cheated out of our rights again. I think this will be the way it is until after my kid is old and buried. After that I cannot say. But the survival lifestyle is the way to go to guarantee that we are safe. If the future generations let the girlie men back into power then they deserve what they get. It is going to take masculine men to keep this thing alive once it gets power. The reason we are in the shape we are right now is because the sissies have gotten control and they sure don't like the old style dominant males.

The dominant males all just moved further out into the open spaces as pressure from the sissies increased. They went to the hills and hollers of Kentucky and the dry parts of western Texas. They went up into the tall trees of the Northwest. Believe it or not, they went to Key West, Florida, too. Those fishermen down there were absolutely not to be trifled with. You would never know it by the type of biped they have there now. But there is no place left to run these days. You gotta take your stand where the good God has led you and that is that. And fair is fair. God ain't took a nap or a vacation so why are you so picky about your lot in life.

But preparedness is the road of the future. Just like Switzerland, everybody will be in the Army. Don't' worry, we will get the ammo plants running again. Get a few pieces of field artillery and some mortars out to the settlements and we will be safe enough. And that is what we desire. We want to be safe in our homes and secure in our possessions and we don't want intrusion in our lives. We want to eat clean food and drink clean water. We want the blessings of God and the respect of our fellow man. A little decency if you will. We want to raise our kids to be people we can admire. We want to raise them naturally and freely. We want our elders to pass on the principles we have long awaited instituting. Survivalism is a great key to the success of the future. Stay alive!


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Adam said...

post! I have to agree with all you said. We the people have to get back to the do-it-yourself lifestyle. We can no longer be slaves to the things that own us (the McMansion, the two or three car payments, LCD tvs, etc). What happened to the LOCAL economy, LOCAL trade? The GLOBAL economy has failed us.

We need to get back to our roots, to the lifestyle that has never failed mankind. Save, save, save, buy some land, raise some meat, grow some seeds. Get your hands dirty.

Stop expecting the fed gov to save you and save yourself.