Monday, December 29, 2008


I have been reading articles on and they are really interesting. There are a ton of people into getting ready for the coming hard times. I felt good things form a lot of them. Not much deadness at all. Maybe one or two. If I had a million dollars I would go about 10 miles South of here and buy a bunch of land and invite a couple hundred of them to move in. There are some real people out there. And you know, we bloggers get a little bit ethnocentric now and then but we can never lose track of the other people who want to go with us. So many good people. And a lot of them are just trapped in the situations of life that we have all been in one time or another. The scripture says to never let mercy be exhausted in your heart and while I am no Christian I can relate to them and speak their language. I would take them in by the hundreds and we would get something going that would be a benefit to humanity. I would hold meetings and tell them the truth. I would let them raise their children to be clean and acceptable before God. I would have them raise their food and build their homes, with no charge. We would get an economic base invented and pay our expenses with the profits. We would have a big dining hall that cranks out three meals a day, seven days a week. Everybody eats their fill. And no Big Me and Little You allowed. If we have Potato Soup for supper then we all eat Potato Soup. I remember back in the early 70's when the economy and the markets turned to shit and the fedgov instituted wage and price controls. We couldn't sell a damn thing and make a dime. All we had were some canned green beans and a huge stash of potatoes so that is what we ate for two weeks. It got a little old after a while but it made you kind of proud also, so I guess there was a trade-off. But that was how the Old Man was. He had lived through the Depression and he knew how to make it on nothing. I remember another time when the electric company shut our power off do to lack of payment and they didn't shut the Old Man's electric off. He called them up and raised holy hell until they agreed to come shut his power off. If one guys power was shut off then we all did without power until the problem got solved. One for all and all for one was the Old Man's motto.

I read the postings on the site mentioned above and I sorta chuckle at the attitude of some of the people. Everyone is trying to make the other guy fit into their scheme of life. And if there is no fit then everyone takes their marbles and goes home. This is an attitude that is the product of too much time and too much wealth. People still have some money and fuel is cheap right now and everyone is looking for the best deal they can find. This, of course, is not entirely out of the question. But a lot of times I detect a bit of selfishness where there should be compassion and understanding. The more militant groups are really into controlling their environment. They don't bother me too much but they will limit themselves also. You won't make it too long practicing squad tactics. You must build a nest to raise your kids and provide a home for your women and grow your food and all the myriad tings that go toward a life of some normalcy. There has to be some militancy for protection and that is a fact. We have no idea what we will face. But after the crisis has been faced and we have made it through, then we have to establish a home for people. Either you come up with the goods for a wholesome life or you become a freebooter, the very element you profess to hate. It takes people to make a city of the future. It needn't be big but it needs lots of diverse talent. Some of it has to come in with you and some of it you can grow. But it has to get done. The thing I find most impressive about the people looking for a place to join up or retreat to is their understanding that they will have to bring some talent with them. Some spoke of their youth and their activity. That is always needed. Some have skills and trades that will make life bearable for everyone. Others have resources of food and gear they will bring in. But it is just like it always has been in this country, there is no place to go. There is no SURVIVALISM CENTER, no HEADQUARTERS, no focal point where people can get started. And by the looks of the list of people wanting to participate, as soon as you did get a focal point you had better get another one because the people are out there wanting to fill up the villages. This thing is big. This is the move of the century. Those people on the list mentioned above are serious people and this is a serious movement.

I feel a great burden to help those who are looking for a place to go, a place of safety in a world that is collapsing. I read a post from a woman in OKC who just wanted to talk to other preppers, someone she could relate to. She is living where she knows of no other survivalists and she is lonely and wants to talk. Can I blame her? We who blog are very fortunate to have other bloggers to relate to and discuss with. And I have my wife and a few people I can call on the phone. Damn the system that prevents people from getting together. Damn the system that segregates us into little pill boxes, they call them houses and apartments. I will be looking to alleviate this mess. Wish me luck. And stay alive.



Wildflower said...

I like your thoughts today, kinda mellow. That site was interesting.

Seems as if there should be more folks blogging. I'd love it if there were more diverse voices out there. If you can e-mail, you can set up a blog and it's free.

I don't meet survivalist oriented men. Not that I make any effort, but still. The reason is there are so many other men out there and I only deal with my type. Apparently my type doesn't fall into the survivalist demographic.

I'm not on the market much, but am occasionally since I'm commitmophobic. When I am available (I'm not right now since I'm also monogamous), I like highly intelligent, usually highly educated types (that generally goes with highly intelligent, since smart guys prepare to support a family well) with a sense of humor who're tolerant, curious, openminded, liberal (smart men are more liberal--it's true), who can carry on a conversation. Those types tend not to be into survivalism.

Don't quite know why.

gott_cha said...

non-survivalist puzzle me

Mayberry said...

Wildflower, I think some folks are afraid to blog. And I've never met one of those "well to do", supposedly "educated" men who are preppers. Most of us are nuts and bolts types, outdoorsmen by nature. Cityfied "purty boys" don't buy into survivalism. They might get dirty..... That's the picture I get anyways.

Michael, Godspeed to ya! Get these folks organized and in gear. You got the plan, and the template for how to get it done. You are very inspirational, just the guy for the job..... Now I'm gonna go check out that link!

LuciferWar said...

Just wanted to say i have a blog. Its really unique i feel. Oh yeah, about educated people being preppers: Mike Kemp is a highly educated man. The man is a chemist. He knows about nuclear fusion and physics and stuff that would cause my brain to short-circuit. He's educated and he is a prepper. I'm not trying to be contrary, I read you guys all the time and listen to you on Big John's show. I'm not in your circle but i try to poke my head in every once in awhile. And I read Michaels blog every single day. Sometimes twice a day. I salute you! My name is Joel but i have a passion for ancient India and the great Indian warriors of old, a kshatriya is a homesteader who will defend those who cannot defend themselves. So thats my handle: kshatriya.