Saturday, December 27, 2008


It's a fine blustery morning here in southern Indiana. Supposed to get up to damn near 70 degrees today. So we get two days of global warming before going back into the deep freeze again. I'll take it and be glad of it. The standard American holidays are just about over and I thank God for that. I am so sick of the news of the Xmas shopping volume. I haven't celebrated the Xmas in damn near 40 years and it has long ceased to have an effect on me. In fact, it has become boring as hell to me. To think that supposedly rational people go berserk spending money on credit for all this waste is a thing that escapes reason and logic. It is a national disease and we need treatment. And what else but sickness would you call a condition where your spending of money became the sign you loved someone. How pathetic.

I read a short post this morning about some indigenous people in Central America who were slaughtered by Special Forces troops in their villages. The post was put up with the premise of running away being the best way to deal with things of this nature. Not so. The best way to deal with an occupying force is to hunt them down and kill them. Ambush. Snipe. Booby trap. All those good things you can do to invaders. And for God's sake, don't let them come into your house to search for weapons. Having trusted friends who will help you is among the greatest assets you can have. Just don't let them have a moments peace. Make the pressure relentless and all consuming. And always leave some of them dead at the site of any engagement. And burn anything you can that belongs to them. Food, medicine, and ammo are particularly wonderful things to burn. Every chance you get. Unless you can steal it and take it back for your own use.

At the end of this month I will have 38 years invested in this valley. And it is different every day. Nothing stays as it is. You meet new people. You watch the events of the world unfold right before your very eyes. Good things come your way and some bad ones introduce themselves just to test your awareness. But after 38 years you learn to wait and not jump at the first startling noise. Life just teaches you these things. The older you are the less easy to rattle you are, if you have watched and learned along the way. The opportunity to be a benefit to mankind is manifesting itself in these days. There are people to talk to and write to. There is work to be done getting people ready to survive.

And there are others out there trying to help people. A lot of them are bloggers like myself. There are radio people like Big John Lipscomb, who gets out as much seed for gardens as he possibly can. Then there are the specific preppers who don't blog and don't go on the radio. These people will surprise you when the time comes.

I have been challenged to start getting people organized. What is there to organize? Gathering preps is a cut and dried routine. You get your Beans, Bullets, and Band-aids and you stack 'em steep and deep. As to the size of your group, well, what ever the Lord gives you is what you have. I am not interested in organizing survivalists. It seems like a waste of time to me. And there is another matter that people seem to miss. If you become "organized" then whatever anyone in the organization does, you did it also. Thus I say make League with no one. You can trade with people and you can fellowship some of them at conventions and such, but don't make League with them. People are strange, as the Doors once sang. You will never know what goes on in another camp unless you move there. But if there be any evil in another group and you make League with them then the world will consider you guilty as well. And that is just the way things are. It is called guilt by association and it is a powerful force in the land.

We had dead beats come among us in years gone by and we had to tell them to hit the road. Thieves, dead beats, druggies, sexual perverts, etc. can come among you and worm their way in for a while. And it gets hard to turn down another pair of hands in the economic venture. But the bad apples have to go. They will destroy your reputation among the locals if they stick around, not counting what they could do that would harm your group from within. And maybe another group that wants to make League with you does not have the same high standards and allows certain things to go on that you would not. But if you make League with them then in the eyes of the world you are guilty of their sins. Just thought I would point that out to those of you who may be considering joining forces with another group.

Stay alive.


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Sunfighter said...

Yep, Xmas, hate see it come and love to see it go. I didn't boost the retailers bottom line this year at all...