Friday, December 19, 2008


I have had much ado about prepping this morning. I lost an argument with my kid and Mike Kemp about treating someone having a seizure. Apparently things have changed since I learned about this 50 years ago. Nowadays you let them go ahead and go through the seizure and just try and keep them from hitting their head on anything and hurting themselves. When the seizure is over you roll them on their side and make sure their tongue has not curled back into their throat and you get them to a hospital. The tongue curls back because the body has this tremendous relaxation of the muscles after the seizure. Turning them on their side helps protect them. You learn something every day I reckon.

In my illness mode that I am presently in I have diagnosed myself as having a Rhinovirus. It is the rood cause of most colds. I am taking Vitamin C and drinking plenty of fluids. As soon as the Handmaiden get home I will add Zinc and garlic to my treatment. I can find no one who wishes to quarrel with this particular treatment. Can't get a fight going with anyone. How boring. But I am wanting this cold to dry up and blow away and my treatment is the most suited to accomplishing this. And after 3 says of having my nose run like a hose I am ready to dispose of this damn malady. Runny nose, coughing bouts, and general sluggishness is an apt description of the effects of a Rhinovirus.

The Handmaiden is out doing her Saturday shopping today. She has too much to do tomorrow to affords the time for shopping. But she has got me 20 pounds of Old Fashioned steel cut oats for me to put up in my shiny new Chinamart plastic buckets. And the buckets are made in Ohio and I was pleased with that. Encore Plastic Inc. is the company who make the buckets. Riverwalker over at Stealth Survival has the recipe for homemade Oxygen Absorbers and I am going to use it. I can understand it and it damn sure ain't too complicated or too technical. Kemp gave me some good background on how to utilize the recipe and it's a snap. Get on Stealth Survival at and scroll down a bit and you will see the recipe for this very useful and handy item. Riverwalker has done a great job with things like this and deserves a bit of credit for his effort. I appreciate him very much.

The woman is also bringing home a couple more big jars of Honey from the Amish bulk store. That stuff is going to be a godsend for making certain foods more palatable and tasty. I like butter and salt on my oats in the morning but if there is no butter I can get by with a little bit of honey just fine. I would like to buy some canned butter but I can't afford it so I will make do with some Honey to break the monotony. Honey is also good for treating wounds. It acts as an antiseptic.

I talked to Grumpyunk this morning for a good bit of time. He is such a knowledgeable fella and he will help anybody but I am seriously wondering if anyone wants of learn what he has to offer them. I can listen and talk with him for hours and feel refreshed when we are finished but I doubt that most bipeds are that way. But talking to all the knowledge and experience stimulates me. I must be weird. Grumpyunk would come down to the valley and teach people some high class first aid if they were interested, but I don't think they are. They are more interested in the TV at night and making money during the day. I'm sure most Americans know the drill. It looks like he will do a class on basic first aid and maybe some low level CPR, cause he doesn't have the training dummies to really teach compression like it should be taught.

That about wraps it up for today. Don't get too mad at the system, just have yourself protected from the bastards and stay alive.



Mayberry said...

Call me weird, cuz I'd love to listen to Grump......

The Scavenger said...

Michael, I always enjoy your posts, feels like I'm sitting right there beside ya the whole time. You can can your own store bought butter too. Find it on sale and you can can it and it will last for a long time on your shelf. We canned some not long ago, you can read about it over at my blog and many others too I'm sure. Anyhow, thanks for another nice visit and I hope you get to feeling better.


riverwalker said...

You give me way too much credit. Thanks for the link and the vote of confidence. It is much appreciated. Thanks.


BTW, E-mail at ya!