Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I honestly don't know what I am going to write about this afternoon. Seems like things are dead as hell. I did have a neat dream about noon. I had gone upstairs to rest a bit and fell asleep for awhile. A dream came upon me and I watched it. I was down here in the valley and we were shooting mortars. I only know one guy here that has ever fired a mortar and that was over 40 years ago in Viet Nam. And he don't like 'em and wants nothing to do with them. But there a few of us were, firing a mortar. We were shooting the thing at a position about a mile away. I don't know if a mortar will shoot that far but I reckon it could. Might shoot five miles for all I know. But you can't buy them at Walmart or order them from L.L. Bean so how you get them is beyond me. And it would seem to me that you would have to have one and practice with it to know how it functioned and how far it would go. But the dream was not making me unhappy or anything like that. I came out of it and felt fine and dandy. I reckon shooting mortars does that to you. All I know is I don't want any of them around ME. The BATF&E and Homeland Security would not like people going around playing with mortars. No way. And it is not time to go playing with that stuff. No, no, no. The way this country is going it is best to keep everything legal and aboveboard. You want to stay out of those prison camps they have for 'terrorists". You could find yourself in there with Dick Cheney and others and they would not be good company. They would probably be snitching you out all the time.

There are some good articles today in the blogs. Survival Acres had a good article on roadblocks. Survival Blog has a good article on getting out of Dodge. And I can chime in for my two cents and tell you that you should already be out of Dodge when the SHTF. I think the writer at Survival Blog mentioned that there would be no going back for extra trips when you bug out. You gotta make it count the first time!

Bugging out will be a matter of whether or not we are under Martial Law. The fedgov has taken great strides in being able to initialize and enforce Martial Law. This generally means that they are getting ready and we are not. At least the part of 'we' that lives in the cities and towns. As a people we have no experience with Martial Law. It is foreign to our thinking. But Bush still has almost 50 days left in office and then we have an untested man who we know is a good speaker and can run a campaign but has no experience running this big country. And he is a Leftist moron from the word go. And I can see how the people might not appreciate a conservative right now, after Dubya has made such a mockery of individual freedom. So we get this man who knows nothing about the job except for the fact that it is his. I have not heard whether or not he proved his citizenship, and thus his eligibility, to the Supreme Court or not. I read people who swear he is not even an American citizen, but I do not know. Maybe, maybe not. That will be a side issue if the country goes under Martial Law. If we are under ML then you had better not get caught out on the road with your preps and gear. The least you will do is lose them.

The answer to problems with bugging out and ML is to get out of town before they proclaim it. Be at your retreat site BEFORE the proclamation is issued. And have all of your gear there with you. I know that is about as simple as being born side ways for some folks but I have no better advice for you. If you have a lot of preps, and I hope you do, then you had better start hauling them NOW. Yes, you will HAVE to keep them in a secure place if you have no one onboard to watch your retreat. But you have looked at this for months now and know the risks and the rewards. I think we have about 2 months left before all hell breaks loose in this country. The Time Monks think we have until Summer before it turns hellish. So what is the difference? IT'S TIME TO GO, FOLKS. I just this minute got a bulletin from a reader in Ohio and I will share a portion of it with you.

" Oh, I wanted to tell you this: Here in Ohio (this is street news, the press does not have it yet), here in Ohio, in the wealthy suburbs outside of Columbus, people are coming out of the city and begging for food and money, door to door. I think it could get ugly real easy. Just wanted to pass that on to you Michael."

You don't think the fedgov will have the excuse to proclaim Martial Law. Let me tell you, the weak sisters we have for our fellow citizens will make it easy for them. They will start riots and looting and burning and robbery and killing and all sorts of goodies. Troops will be called in and Martial Law will be declared and there ain't gonna be a whole helluva lot we can do about it. If you are home then you are relatively safe. If you are on the road then you are suspect and a target for the police and the troops. GET YOUR STUFF OUT OF TOWN AND STORED AT YOUR PLACE OF REFUGE. WHAT DO YOU THINK THIS IS ALL ABOUT? IT IS NOT A GAME. IT'S NOT A COMPETITION. IT IS A MATTER OF YOUR PERSONAL WELL BEING! You been reading about the tent cities going up around the country? Well, I can tell you that they are real and they are full of people with not many scruples. And who has lofty ideals if their kids are hungry and crying? For the third day in a row? Hell, any man would be ready to do violence under those conditions!

Get ready and get your stash to safety and stay alive.



thatguyinkentucky said...


Just had a call from a brother in Memphis who said things are getting real nasty down there as well. Alot of tension in that powderkeg.

Hate to add to the bad news.

Dragon said...

I made a post about roadblocks...
Take it from an old armored cav man...
unless you live way out and on a dead end, road blocks will get you snuffed quick. Dragon

Unknown said...

I'm glad you put this "Get out of Town" post up. That is exactly what I have done here West of Capitan, NM as a full time RV'er and anyone else looking for an RV park in the mountains with full hookups and cheap site rent 200.00 / per month + .9 electric per kwa is welcome. There are 10 back in sites left here Pinion Hills RV Park. Elevation is 6300 ft.