Monday, December 8, 2008

CAVES AND PREPPING is the URL for the article on the coming low price of guns. The blog goes by the name Prepare! He's pretty good.

I asked gott_cha to get us an article on the Kansas City caverns. I'll have to piece a couple of them together to give you the gist of what he has heard. Here are the two posts.

No.1 I worked out in KC for a few years. One of the sites I worked at was a Vehicle maintenance facility for the Gypsum mining area of the caverns. We installed elevators of lifting and lowering heavy equipment down to the mining areas. The vehicles were dumpers like UCLIDs and such and also diesel powered tunnelers. The long and short of this is that the older long time employees all stated those various caverns and adjoining network tunnels went all the way to St. Louis.If that true, that's a heck of a lot farther than 20-some miles.Also the networks stretched out to a cpl air bases and ordinance facilities.Only the imagination is the limit to what ALL IS DOWN THERE.

No.2 Michael that's about all I know on it. We were never allowed down in the caverns except the immediate elevator area and its adjoining Motor Control rooms, Now what I saw with my peepers was a very large WxH tunnel with a paved floor and brightly lit. It extended as far as you could see. There were many door ways on either side and the ones I could see had numbers and "Descriptions" on the door. There were also quiet a few that were sealed with large locking mechanisms...that looked like those used on ship bulkheads and entry ways.But to try and find reliable info about the the extent and purpose of the cave system is dang near impossible. I'm Leary about posting speculative information. Id rather make posts about things that could be partially verified at the least
So there we have an accurate report from gott_cha. You might have to put on your tinfoil hat to make any sense of it or at least make good rumors, but it has enough to keep you occupied.

My thoughts are along the lines of joining the fedgov underground. It's a prophecy in Revelations that men would seek shelter underground is a very severe time. And I am not asking you to believe the Bible necessarily, but you can at least believe that the people with the best possible human info and data are going underground. They went underground a long time ago and they are still going there. There are websites that have all kinds of tinfoil hat ideas as to what is going on but the locations are pretty standard. These underground sites are not that easy to hide. Especially when there are semi's running in and out all the time. I know guys who have delivered to them and they had to stay in the cab of their truck while it as unloaded and then they had to get the hell out quickly after that. They did not know what they were hauling. The trailers were sealed. They were just given directions to the loading dock of the place they were going and told to drive there asap. I know of one old boy who was driving a sealed semi through Pennsylvania. He didn't know what he had on but he figured it to be drugs. Drugs as is Opium or Heroin or Morphine. He had very explicit instructions as to how to drive down the Penn Turnpike. He had to stop for a blizzard for a few minutes but the storm backed off very quickly and he resumed his trip. But that little short stop got him a car load of FBI agents pulling up beside him and waving guns and making motions to pull over. This he refused to do. One guy in the back of the car rolled down his window and pointed a gun at my buddy and acted like he was going to shoot. My pal just reached over and picked up his own 45 and pointed it at the FBI guys. The FBI guys decided to talk to him at that point and they got on the CB and they worked it out and everybody got clued in as to what was going own and my buddy drove on. But if you don't think that stuff going to fedgov retreats is watched, well, think again.

I have a buddy who is an auditor of auditors. What is listed on the audit sheets at a defense post is audited by guys who have no idea what they are looking for, they just recount every damn thing there is on the post. Someone comes along and compares it to the original audit to see that it agrees. If it doesn't agree than all hell breaks loose. Your friendly local defense post has up to day info as to what is in their storage bunkers. Believe it. And our fedgov has a monstrous amount of gear and food stashed away within the confines of our borders. God only knows what FEMA and the USDA have stocked up. But I get no offers on line or through the mail telling me of the fedgoves intention to share all of this bounty with me so I just figure to get up a stash of my own. Savvy?

But getting underground fascinates the hell outta me. I can think of the security and luxury of being under a couple hundred feet or more of solid rock. Let the bombs explode! Let the toxic fumes and debris blow around. Let the freebooters come and pick through the trash! I read about people in certain areas of the country who live where they used to mine stuff. Do you have such a site where you live? Could you acquire such a site? If you already have a tunnel into a mountain or hill you just dig in a little further and then start your rooms and branches off of that. But you dig in! Get yourself covered with protection and have your family and friends with you! Store your preps with you! Keep what you need right where you and your gang will be housed. That's what the fedgov does. Remember that line in gott_cha's post about the aisle that went as far as the eye could see? We need to get into that! We need to stay alive!


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