Wednesday, December 10, 2008


It's after noon here in southern Indiana, on the 10th of December, 2008, and still no earthquake as predicted by the Time Monks at Half Past Human. And that may be a very good thing. Those guys are supposed to be pretty accurate on predicting the earthshakes and there could be a lot of people hurt or killed. The time frame, if I have it correct, is between the 10th and the 13th of this month. The 10th is barely half over. On the one hand it is sorta demanding of your attention, wanting to know if the Time Monks are correct to not. On the other hand it is sad to think that horrible things could be about to happen to our fellow men. But we shall see. As a note of interest, keep an eye on Drudgereport for the news of any such event. Matt Drudge keeps a close eye on the earthquake happenings and he will probably be the first to have the news of such an event for national publications. I am sure George Ure will have commentary one way or the other tomorrow at George is into this linguistic prediction analysis up to his eyeballs. And he is a damned good read.

Apparently the political creatures in Washington, D.C. have reached a consensus agreement to loan the WEE-3 fifteen billion dollars to keep them running. It ain't gonna be enough and the WEE-3 will be back to the trough next year. But Congress likes having the car makers beg for help after all these decades of power emanating from Detroit. I used to go to Michigan at least once a year to see my wife's mother and it became clear to me that Michigan was for sale if you wanted to buy it. That state has been hit between the eyes with a full swing ball bat. Pretty discouraging to hang out up there. But I do not like the countryside and they can plow it under for all I care. Lot's of illegal politics have been going on up there and I don't care much for that shit. The people get their asses taxed off and I think that is going to stop. Their college football teams will soon fade away to second tier and their pro team is a disaster. There are some interesting possibilities for safe and sane retreat locations up on the U.P. and survivalists might be interested in that news for the coming years. As the people move out looking for a more comfortable lifestyle, the game will grow in numbers and size. At this time, Indiana Whitetail beats the ass of what they harvest in Michigan. Unless, of course, you are hunting around our State Parks, where the deer are stunted and starved due to idiotic regulations. But even that is subsiding and Indiana's deer population is getting healthy and populous. Some 'wasting disease' is trying to move in from Illinois but it is getting killed off, I hear. Down in Alabama they have an over-population of deer. It is just too good down in 'Bamaland. They are run over with the critters. You can actually kill 365 deer a year in 'Bama. But they are not going to be big. Too much competition for food down there.

As we approach two o'clock in the afternoon here in Indiana the stock market is up a little. How wonderful. The wise guys in the market are saying hold our stock on the down swings and sell on the upswings. Any kind of upswing is a good enough excuse to sell. Then you are to take you money and go home. Forget the market. I was reading Bill Bonner at his site The Daily Reckoning yesterday and he had a guest writer say that there was three and a half trillion dollars sitting on the side line of our investment market. Like my friend Charles Bell was telling me yesterday, the really rich can afford to sit back and wait a year, ten years, twenty years, what ever, for it to be a good time to invest and make make more money. There really are people with that much wealth in this world. They have their retreats, their farms and gardens and vineyards. They have their servants and their supplies of necessities. And they have their gold and currency. And they do not have to do a damn thing but live. And they live very well, thank you. And when things are right to invest their minions do it for them. It has been spoken to me that when the Prohibition Era hit this country, the Kennedy clan had several families move to France where they were soon joined up with huge chests of gold. And when FDR confiscated all the gold, the Kennedy's were not bothered one iota. They were safely settled in Europe with very large deposits in Swiss banks. FDR was not going to get old Joe Kennedy's gold. Not a bit of it. They continued to eat, drink, and be merry on their accustomed scale and the public be damned.

I have talked to some people about prepping and they are for it but they live off of Social Security like I do and they don't see how they can do it. And then I read that 10% of Americans are on food stamps. Sure is interesting. I am thinking that any of you out there with a low income could go gt food stamps and boost your prepping quite a bit. After all, you can't buy anything but food with them! You will have to get your Band-aids and Bullets with your other money but your food can come from the little magic plastic card the fedgov gives you, or maybe it is the state that gives it to you. You might look into this. Anything that boosts your preps is worth taking a look at. Go for the chrome while you can. And stay alive.



Jess (Ozark Momma) said...

Couldn't agree with that last paragraph more Micheal...if you worked/are working and fall in the right income area...take advantage of it!

I know there is a lot of stigma attached to food stamps, but quite truthfully, "beggars cannot be choosers". If you are barely scratching by, swallow your ill placed pride and take back a bit of what is yours in the first place. That "money" comes from YOUR taxes. Better you use it than a non-citizen, which is what a big chunk of users are from my experience.

thatguyinkentucky said...

They have been a big help in prepping, the foodstamps have. just kinda lets a little stress out of the budget, you know. If you're already getting by on what you got, look at it as that much more for food to put back or that much more to put into the other two "b's".