Saturday, December 6, 2008


I don't know if this will show up for you but the little red circle at the bottom right hand column says that real unemployment stands at 12.6 % of the working population of this country. It is so hard to get these people to come up with the real numbers anymore. They just cannot tell the truth straight up like it should be told. I got this data from a blogger, naturally.
So I say prep on and good luck. This is not TEOTWAWKI but rather SHTF. You'll know the TEOTWAWKI is here when the surrounding countryside glows in the dark. Live on and stay alive!


Sunfighter said...

I heard a guy that's always on Lou Dobbs say the actual unemployment rate is like 13%. First time I've heard that on the mass media. The truth will set you free or scare the hell out you...

Shy Wolf said...

According to Beck and a few others, the actual %age is nearer 18% unemployment when all things are considered, though I think that may be low as well but I'm no statistician, sooo. I heard one person announce it near 28%, but I pour salt on that one.
It's gone get worse, though- we know it.