Sunday, December 28, 2008


To add to the "TOLD YOU" column. Sign on the door of a fast food joint in Boise, Idaho.

Due to severe weather delivery trucks from Portland have been delayed, so we may not have some items.

Translation: The 3 Day Food Supply is about to run out!

Spud Joe with Reserve Stock in Boise!

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Unknown said...

What's the fast foot joint?

Staying Alive said...

Don't know what joint it is. But my buddy who sent it is very reliable. His word is good enough for me.


slfisher said...

Fred Meyer's was out of eggs yesterday.

Phil said...

It isn't just Boise either.

My brother has an office supply/service in Eugene, two hours South of Portland and he was complaining of the same thing, no deliveries.

Got food?

Staying Alive said...

Are we looking at some sort of evidence that the news of food shortages is not getting out to the public? Does this meaan that the prepping audience in Americaa is not getting any respect? Does it mean that the non-prepping audience is not getting any respect? Is the fedgov showing ANY of it's citizens any respect?