Wednesday, December 24, 2008


First thing, let me recommend going to read Treesong this morning Her site is HERE. It is an amazing post for anyone who is interested in the psychic world. It made a big impression on me.

The psychic world is not too popular with some folks because it is not duplicatable: i.e. you can't make it happen whenever you wish. You can't control it. Many things pertaining to the world of man are able to be duplicated. But the spirit is not that way. It comes and goes as it pleases, unless some aspect of it has been given to you as a gift. And if you have it as a gift it is yours and you are welcome to it. The scripture says the gifts of God are without repentance. God did not ask any one's permission to give you a gift. But it is always hard to find an audience willing to listen when you have an experience out of this world. More than likely you will meet a group of people who are more willing to prepare you for the Rubber Room than to give you a hearing. But screw them and the idiot horse they rode in on. I have a 12 gauge beside me that will keep these negative bastards away. I plead the Salem Witch Trials as my defense. I'll lay down Foxes Book of Martyrs as my second line of defense. I know how these people play the game and I will make my own rules, thank you.

We got some preps yesterday. I had the Handmaiden get a big supply of boot and shoe laces. I just got to thinking about running out of laces and it did not appeal to me. We also got a pretty good stash of baking supplies. Now if I can just get her to buy me a 50 pound bag of wheat so I can make our flour I will be happy. And I do not make her grind it, so there. We also got some real steel wool for making oxygen absorbers. I'll get on that project today. I am gonna use the recipe found at Stealth Survival. Looked good to me! But what will really be looking good will be my food stash. Who knows? We may get to the point where we can be fancy and buy things like canned mushrooms and other goodies. At this point the cans of vegetables and the big cans of rice and beans are the main focus of our attention. Then comes this Spring's garden and what we are able to lay up from that. With any look things could get downright bountiful around here. And bountiful is the way I want to see them. You get a report like Treesong gave about her vision and you will want plenty of food on hand, and plenty of bullets to drive off any thieves. It is a crime to give the children's food to thieves and outsiders, non believers. One of our most strongly held beliefs is "He that won't work, neither shall he eat." Our own kids are to be excused because they are the children of rebels anyhow, so they get some forgiveness and understanding.

I don't have much else to write this morning. The weather is dark and rainy. The field across the road is flooded and the lake below is up at least a foot. A good day to forget the problems of the world and just enjoy it. We will get back to working soon enough. So stay alive.



Natog said...

I made sure I bought a few "comfort foods" for my preps to eat during the first few days to help with coping with whatever happened.

Well that gives me an idea for today's post. Thanks!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

LuciferWar said...

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas to you Michael. I just wanted to make a request. I imagine you enjoy some tasty venison when its available, so I am hoping that you will refrain from blasting Comet,Donner,Blitzen and Prancer tonight when they fly inside of the kill radius of that 12 gauge sitting next to you. Rudolph is fair game though. And illuminated! God bless you Michael.