Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I spent the day in thought, yesterday. I was just backtracking my own conclusions and opinions. It helps to do that occasionally. I was looking for the hoax in our situation. I was looking for the rotten ass lie that we were believing. Where were we being lead astray? And if we are thus engaged, what profit is there for the ringleaders?

Well, there are some great bargains on the horizon for land and housing. If someone can wave a magic wand and eventually make this economic stomach ache go away, then some real money could be made.

The global market is in the tank and probably does not have a way out. Automotive manufacturing and sales are at record lows. Workers are being put on the streets and factories are being shut down. All the support industries to the automotive world are taking a big hit. All that Just-In-Time inventory control is useless. Take your time! No one wants the supplies anyhow!

So, without going too deeply into the economic quagmire in which we live, the process has run it's course and we little people are going to be left holding the bag. And we know what is in the bag, don't we?

The political people are saying we are headed for a huge increase in government control of our lives. We might look at that as a horrible turn of events, but most people would relish it. Our fellow citizens are the type who relish having the government be responsible for them. It seems they find that much more agreeable than having to take responsibility themselves. God bless their little weak minds. Their attitude is that of a complainer. If things are not going well then they can complain and get the government to change course to something that more suits them. They never realize that complaining can be made a crime and that they could do time in the slammer for it.

The buzz words these days are 'green' and 'clean'. That is where the smart money is headed. No one thinks of the heavy cost of this type of program. But they will learn to think about it. The industry will try to get itself off the ground by getting contracts from the fedgov and the various states. But that ain't going to work because people will not like giving up essential services for pie-in-the-sky feel-good stuff. And I can tell you this...there is coming a pollution on this planet that is unheard of, unseen, not recorded in the history books. We have no basis in experience to relate to this problem. It will be the supreme act of fouling our own nest. And all these greenies and their kindred ilk will be swallowed whole in the death and degradation that man will visit upon himself. It's all spoken about in the Bible if you want to read it. Few, however, want to believe the prophets of God. But let God be true and every man a liar.

I have looked for a way out of this mess and I cannot find it. And pride be damned! If there is a way out I will accept it and live with it. The system does not have to collapse to protect MY ego.

So prep on, ladies and gentlemen. Get your supplies piled up steep and deep and get ready for the collapse. I can't tell you about when bombs going off but I can tell you I think the collapse is a short time away. But 2008 is almost over and every day is bringing us closer to the time of trouble. It ain't getting further away but rather it is getting closer! Help yourself and whoever will believe it is coming. Treesong is fussing with her kids right now because they think she has gone mental in doing her preps. All I can tell her is to have extra tools for working in the garden so that the young idiots can at least earn their food. That is more than their goddamn government would do for them!

Stay alive.



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Mayberry said...

I need me a land bargain! It's too bad the sheeple don't understand that they themselves posess the power to stop the train wreck. They're too stupid to see it....