Thursday, December 18, 2008


I have noticed quite a bit of rebellion on the blogs this morning. And I think of the statement that "rebellion against Her is obedience to Him." Me, I kinda go along with obeying Him.

The morons are out there yelling their insane words at a gullible public and getting away with it. The same old crap of global warming and high carbon dioxide at still being given the ink and the airwaves to further warp our fellow citizens minds. I ain't going for it and I ain't gonna do what they ask. Screw them and the horse they rode in on.

While Al Gore and his buddies are telling us that this very cold Winter is the result of global warming, the rest of us who must work for a living are finding forces of economics arrayed against us. Our friends the Arabs are cutting oil production so as to raise the price. Apparently the drop in consumption for their last insanity has not made a good enough impression and they are getting ready for a reminder. Let them cut production. I won't be buying anyhow.

I think the time is coming when we are going to be eating our preps instead of stashing them. That will tell us how we did, sho 'nuff. I want to get some plastic pails with lids this week to finish up on my perishable stash and then it's "kiss my ass" time for society. And there ain't much of this week left so morons had better do their damnedest while they can. I am tired of the lies and the theft and the threats. The idiot politicians in New York and California are getting ready to tax their people straight to hell. The states can't lower their budgets, they have to raise taxes. And while this moron governor in New York is stabbing his people with 80 new taxes he is then turning around and naming Caroline Kennedy to the US Senate. Life is wonderful, ain't it? Where did this dumb broad get the idea that she was fit to fulfill the duties of a US Senator? I for one, cannot tell you where she got the idea but she is gonna go in there and get that office.

This is like the drawing of the line in the sand as far as I am concerned. These government pukes are telling us that they are going to have their way come hell or high water and we are to just suffer. See, they got the idea they could get away with this by watching Dubya get away with his Patriot Act and the other noxious pieces of legislation he sponsored. Well, I think the worm may have turned. And it ain't turned because it has gotten smarter or braver. It has turned because it is broke and cannot afford the foolishness anymore. I was reading some blogger this morning who was saying that the old ways of curing economic problems would not cure the one we are in. Some new ways of playing are being introduced in this game. Some new standards of failure are being set up for all to jump over. And most are not going to make the leap. Sorry about that. Got preps?

Stay alive.



gott_cha said...

well can I get an amen?

Amen bro!!! agree 100%

Dragon said...

Yee Haw!

Mayberry said...

The PTBs are runnin' scared I reckon. We're seein' 'em scramble to squeeze the last of the milk from the ol' dry cow and set themselves up all comfy like.... And "inserting" our rulers as per the Bilderberg meetings. But methinks the elites underestimate us "poor, dumb sheep", and are fixin to lose a large chunk of their asses when we rise up and bite 'em off. Never corner a rattlesnake...... The time is near.....

Grumpyunk said...

Watch for the reaction to "Closing the Gun Show Loophole", which isn't a loophole at all. They want to regulate any type of firearms transfers. Give your son Grandpas old shotgun? File an FFL and hope they allow it. One could argue that interstate commerce is something that falls under fed guidelines. Maybe. But INTRASTATE commerce most certainly doesn't.

People are gonna start pushing back pretty soon.

As mentioned by Rawles yesterday, we should be watching - The National Animal Identification System (NAIS). See here -
I have to admit that I was only vaguely aware of this BS. My bad. If you want to feed yourself with your own animals you better be concerned about this.
These SOB's are working to control the entire food chain. Thus controlling us.

Damned if I'll microchip my friggin' chickens.

The list of things that would .......... Precipitate an, impolite response, is growing daily.

I really believe they are gonna keep pressing till they get someone to crack and start some shit back. That will be the excuse then to go balls to the wall with everything.

Better be ready folks. Like John Fogerty said - "There's a bad moon on the rise."