Thursday, December 4, 2008


I got a message from a friend in Idaho that could be important to a lot of folks.
Send this Tidbit Fact to Mayberry and others as you see fit!

I am one of the lucky ones in this great country to actually have lived for a brief period under Martial Law. I was eleven years old. The occasion, the 1967 Detroit Race Riots. They brought in more than 5000 Federal Troops to stop the Rampage.

When the announcement about curfew was made, they also talked about what sales of items were suspended over a 5 county area: Guns, Ammo, Matches & Lighters, Lighter Fluid, all Alcohol, anything else as a weapon, blah, blah, blah.

Now here is the Kicker (and that Tidbit): Pull out EVERY Insurance Policy you have, and read it to where it says "This Policy will be Null & Void the Moment Martial Law is Declared! ! !"

That is one of the big reasons the city of Detroit never fully recovered from those Riots, and where it is today. A lot of policy holders lost it all because Martial Law went into affect. Even if your house just happens to burn down from an "accidental fire" during that time? Didn't matter, you lost!

Tough to Stay Alive?


Mayberry said...

I've seen that clause..... One more reason why I say Insurance is the biggest ripoff on Earth.....

azurevirus said...

Insurance is just a rackett for those in it..easy money...Just ask senator Joe Lieberman..I think hes on the boards of 2-3 Insurance companies..I think his job as a senator is just an easy income supplement..if one cked into it ..I bet one would find many senators etc involved with "other" interests such as Ratheyon*..and other companies