Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I have a visitor today. My son is here from the East Coast. He brought his Pit Bull with him. Her name is Mia and she is a proper lady for all intents and purposes. She is very peaceful outside but it might go bad for an indoor intruder. My kind of dog. My son is out walking around saying hello to some people and the wife is grinding Cayenne for the table. We use a lot of Cayenne. She is saving the seeds from the peppers for this Spring's garden. You can't grow enough peppers. Everybody likes the damn things.

I had my son evaluate my medical preps and he thought they were all right. He did mention that band-aids and tape have a life span and you had to keep an eye on them because they stop working after a while and you have to replace them. The sticky stuff runs out of adhesion properties.

Just watching the markets a little bit to see how things are going. Things seem to be moving sideways for right now. Not much up and down. But my financial sites are saying that there will be a lot of bankruptcies in a few weeks ahead. Apparently the retail industry lost it's ass this last month and some of the boys are going to have to take their stuff and go home for good. I wonder how Michael Jordan is making out with his money these days? He had a ton of it but it's not permanent, you know.

I will be on Big John Lipscomb's radio show this coming Thursday. That is January 1, 2009. I will be on both shows so you can catch it sometime, if you like. Radio is kind of frustrating to me. Just about the time I am ready to really sound off on a topic we have to take a break for commercials. Blogging is so much more free than radio. You can go while the inspiration is upon you, with no commercial breaks.

Right now I am sitting around with "Calamity Fever". I feel it coming and I read the news and I wish it would just come on and get it on. I am becoming impatient. I must stop that. I am not running the planetary show and I don't have a schedule for what is coming on so I better get used to being a bit in the dark. I suspect a lot of you folks are in the same boat. Stay alive.




LuciferWar said...

Looking forward to your appearance on Big John Lipscombs "Dont Tread On Me" radio shows. Always do.
I'll be tuned in for AVR at 11:00 PM, but i have to listen to the GCN show when i get home from work. I love that GCN "on demand" feature on GCN. I'll be reading ya.

Mayberry said...

I'll have my ears on Michael. And yer right. Just as you get rollin', it's commercial time.... I like blogging better too, cuz you can take your time, organize your thoughts and such, (I re-wrote that sentence twice!) instead of being "on the spot". But I reckon radio is like most things, each time gets a little easier.... Knock 'em dead Michael.

Shy Wolf said...

Patience? Ain't that wut Doctors is s'posed to have?
Right: let's get this show on the road, enough of the dilly-dally.
Still, it's like the catsup commercial: Anticipation is making me wait... gotta love the expectation. Let's just hope the reality meets our expectations.
Have patience, my Son. ;)
Oh- good luck on John's program. Wish I could pick it up in this area.
I like radio, and I like the blogs, but radio reaches many more people (than my blog, anyway :( )