Friday, December 5, 2008


Here it is, a very bright and cold morning in southern Indiana. I am wondering, as usual, about what the future holds for us. I try to see but it is not always clear. I just a few minutes ago saw the West Coast, California. Oregon, and Washington becoming a separate country. Good luck to 'em, I say. They at least should be able to get food. They have oil if the greenies will let them drill for it, which I think they will or they will get shot. They will have lumber and fish as well. They should make it just fine. If someone tries to invade, some of us can go kick their ass. After all, they are old friends and relatives. Can't be having any invasions, you know.

I just read a Bloomberg report that says California is getting ready to pay contractors and vendors in I.O.U.'s They be running out of money. And it is because they have idiots who think they can have everything imaginable voting in their elections. If the results are allowed to play out in some sort of logical manner then Cali will fail economically and they will stop the stupid stuff. If we go at it Obama style then we will be shipping money to California in boxcars.

A lot of people are thinking that happy days are here again because oil is cheap. DO NOT BE FOOLED. You can't drink gasoline. I would not advise you to store it under your bed. It's primary use these days is to make you a moving target instead of a stationary target. It looks to me that things are going to get really screwy in the days ahead. Millions are out of work right now. Pink slips are being handed out like beads at Mardi Gras. The word in the world is that Japan, the United States, England, and Europe are in recession. But you gotta understand that this incident of recession started a year ago and has just now been reported. Don't you just love the timeliness of our government reporting?

I got one of those strange emails yesterday from a guy who has been watching Treasury bonds for 5 years. He thinks that China stopped buying Treasuries about 3 years ago because so much of the selling of these bonds has been through Caribbean Banks and not from China herself. The point being made is that MAYBE the Treasury has been buying it's own bonds with money from the Federal Reserve. Talk about shady business! If it is true then we are running the economy on completely phony money. And Bush has to have known about this from Day-1. Is it any wonder that the American people do not trust their government? Is it any wonder that the fedgov is bringing troops in to police the nation? Is it any wonder they might be a little antsy about the public finding this shit out? See that camp fire over there? The one with the branding irons heating in it? Well, pull down your pants and expose one cheek of your ass because you are about to get SOLD branded on you butt. Time to lock and load, boys and girls. We may have our backs to the wall before we know it. And I will be shooting in the same direction as you!

The Handmaiden has gone to town to get some stuff and she will be getting some preps. She will get another 7 gallon water storage unit and something else that has slipped my mind. She is also getting canned fruit and vegetables in quantity for storage. It's an on-going process. Here a little and there a little. Maybe nothing in a big an amount because we are rather short of money all the time, but we make it count.

I sent you all that post about Martial Law yesterday and you read the presidential directive concerning the taking of our food and weapons. That is going to get some people killed, I am afraid. You come take my food and my ability to defend myself and I will be a problem for you. A serious problem. The gun grabbers always say we have the police to do the business of catching the bad guys who want to harm us. But the Supreme Court ruled a long time ago that the police were not responsible if they failed in their sworn duty. That post of yesterday about the gun store getting robbed showed that 130 handguns could be stolen and a clean getaway made between the sounding of the alarm and the arrival of the police. Protection? I don't think so. If you are not in a group then you are on your own as far as protection is concerned. But as one blogger has said, we have always been on our own.

I will get off of here and let you go. Oh, by the way, I just hung up on the Hermit and he told me that last week Paulson and Bernanke were publicly talking about the Treasury buying Treasury Bonds. Don't it just give you a warm fuzzy feeling? Stay alive.


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Grumpyunk said...

"It's primary use these days is to make you a moving target instead of a stationary target. - Michael, you tear me up sometimes. That's good stuff right there.
What makes me laugh is, knowing the sound of your voice, I can hear you say this. That makes it even better. Yep, I'm looking forward to seeing you soon. Unk

Ha Ha - word verification? POLED. That about sums it up!