Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Hey! I was just reading Lew Rockwell's Bill Sardi column and they have found a cure for cancer. It is an extract of rice bran. I think they call it IP6. You can read Sardi's column at and get all the details. Quite an amazing piece of work. I don't always go for what Sardi has to say politically but I do pay attention to his health writings.

And in regards to the words of others, they are fine and dandy. God didn't make me the authority on survivalism for this day and age. But I wish you to keep the basics in mind. Too often we can get led down a path of verbosity that leads us to no good preparation. It does us no good. It's like the blame game we all go through. If the woods around you is on fire the thing to do is get the hell out. You can worry about who started it later. Survive in the imperative and take your revenge in leisure. Things will all even out in the end, for those who are around at the end.

Get your preps and your skills in order. Learn how to grow food. On growing food I would like to restate that a good gardener makes good dirt and seed makes the plants. Get your dirt in shape and you can grow a lot of food. Your prep food may not last you as long as you wish. In the event of a collapse you will need to produce more food and that on a regular basis. Get a wood stove as best you can. Heat is a wonderful thing in the Wintertime. Some method of cooking outside in the warm weather is nice also. Trying to sleep in a 90 degree room is quite difficult for most people unless they have been raised in it.

Do not worry about global warming. The guy from NASA who makes the news about the trillion tons of ice that has melted works for Al Gore. The UN climate guys are having a meeting in eastern Europe right now and the anti-global warming guys are kicking the global warming guys' butts. So be it. We could have 2 or 3 times the amount of Carbon in the air as we now have and it would not bother us. These guys are just looking for a new way to tax us. Screw them.

The Time Monks have not got it right on the earthquakes. For the sake of innocent people I am happy. For the sake of the system I am a bit sad. Regardless of what has transpired and will transpire, I am prepping as per usual. I will prep right up to the collapse.

I had a horrible thought this morning. What is the God of Heaven allows the USA to come out of this tailspin and retain the number one position on the planet? When it goes into irredeemable collapse then NO ONE will believe it is coming and millions will die. Oh well. We just do what we can do. I prep on.

I am tired and I think I will lie down and rest. Still not feeling up to snuff. Stay prepping and stay alive.


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Grumpyunk said...

The article linked is pretty cool. One can only wonder about why it's not being explored more here. Well, money has got to be the primary reason.

As always good advice on getting your shit together now. We may wish there really was a Global Warming threat if the temps start dropping any more. Historians will look back on this BS and wonder just how so many people were hoodwinked on this. Al was somewhere the other day claiming that we only have 5 years till things will be unfixable. I read an article that all the recent cold, snow and ice is a sign of Global Warming effects. Shit, they just keep moving the goal posts and blame everything on it now. Biggest scam of the last 100 years.