Friday, March 7, 2008


My Handmaiden just got back from town. She had some business and she picked me up a box of 100, 2 & 3/4" #8 shotgun shells. I've bought them many times over the years at Walmart and they have been $15 a box. I wanted them because I don't think that everything I shoot will require 00 Buck and 00 Buck is expensive. I have a couple boxes stored away and this last 100 should keep me in good standing with the world for a good long time.

But this time the cost for the box was $21. $21! That is a 40% hike in price from not too many years ago. Maybe 3 years ago. Hells Bells! At an inflationary rate like this we won't be able to afford "blow-up" ammo. The rotten bastards are taking all the fun out of life.

I intend to persevere and keep up my survival approach to life. But it looks like the average Joe will be paying out the ass just to live. Somehow, the poor people always end up paying for the mistakes of the rich. I least I think they made mistakes. Surely they haven't concocted this economy on purpose! We don't have any say in the policies that create financial hard times but we sure have to go through them. BOHICA, you poor guys. I may be poor but I live on a lot of land and I can grow a garden. I will fight the good fight and I will go down with my guns blazing.

I wonder how much money the rich guys will want before they let us out of this trap? They sort of screwed up this time and gave us the late December lowdown on how big the bonuses were on wall street this year and I can still remember them. They should have waited at least until Summer to let the economy collapse. Then we would have forgotten how much the minions of the elite had garnered for themselves and their masters at the end-of-the-year reporting.

My wife, known as the Handmaiden, wrote an essay years ago called Squeeze, Baby, Squeeze. It was in regard to the system putting the people in such binds as not allowing themselves to defend their own lives, and other sins. Her rant was encouraging the government to keep on doing what they were doing. She wanted the squeeze, the pressure on their heads, to continue until people started to bleed from around their eyes. Her analysis was that people would sit on their dead asses and let the system beat them down until they bled. And maybe she is right.

On a different road to the same place, we Brethren arrived at the conclusion that the system would not be happy until we had all been reduced to Mexican peons. Squeezed 'til you bleed or reduced to menial servitude. What the hell is the difference?

I am getting the feeling of people banding together to survive the coming years. The individual isn't going to be able to make it. And people will give up a lot to see that their kids are fed and healthy. How does that scripture go? Let no man count anything he owns his own. I think that is it. That is part of the scriptural reference for communal living. And communal living sure does lighten the burden of defense. Many eyes and many trigger fingers make usurpers extremely wary. And the gardens get big and varied. The personalities you encounter are part of a vast rainbow of humanity. We call it the Spectrum of Humanity. All the way from horrible drunks to enlightened saints. What a picture it is and what a lesson in human nature it serves up.

But everybody works and goes to their appointed position. The Old Man used to say that no dog could avoid the collective hunt. Hah! And the Emotional Policeman controls all of that. You don't need cops and snitches and undercover agents and all that stuff. When the people get the understanding of how the communal economics work THEY make sure everyone is at their post. You get a high production sawmill running and you need every body you can muster to keep the boards flowing to their proper bundle. You pull a guy out of the order of production and someone will have to work two jobs and that is not going to happen for very long. There is generally an extra guy around for filling in for sick people, but a lazy ass ain't gonna make it in communal living. We all used to say that the Spectrun reveals all secrets. That might be a little heavy for right now, but it is a beautiful thing.

I will get on the subject of communal living in the days ahead, God willing. It can help you stay alive and feed yourelf and your family. This can be a huge benefit in case the world goes into a depression. I did it myself for 30 years and I don't regret it for an instant.

You do what you have to do to stay alive!


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Dragon said...

Hey Mike,the rich are in the same trap,they just haven't realized it yet. It's the straw that broke the beast of burdens back...once over loaded momentum takes over...Oil went up two more dollars a barrel. I would say their greed knows no bounds...Folks cant work if they cant afford to get are gonna go down,little by little...then momentum. Crash
It's begun now. Its gonna ratchet down bit by bit like a broke car jack. Timeline? a few months, a year, Who knows.