Monday, March 10, 2008



The Handmaiden has gone to visit the Amish this morning. She will buy eggs and milk and whatever. Pretty good stuff. Good price and very good food. She enjoys seeing the Amish woman. They are becoming friends. They do little favors for each other. The Amish are anti-NAIS and my wife has gotten them information off the web and printed it out for them. And we might get an extra dozen eggs out of the deal. In the meantime my wife has become anti-NAIS. The Amish around here don't even raise cattle for the market. They don't produce milk for the market. They don't grow eggs or chickens for the market. And they sure don't raise goats for the market. Why should these subsistance farmers have to pay to have their animals tagged? It's crazy.


[News Bulletin! One of the ladies who lives on the pond where I live just called and asked if the bird she was seeing in a tree was an Eagle. I went out on the porch and looked and sure enough, we have an Eagle in our midst. It's an immature Bald Eagle. Decent size and watching the pond with intensity. I would not want to be one of our stupid ducks right now. Neither would I want to be a top swimming fish. Eagles like fish. Let's give it up for the EAGLE! Maybe now those bastard Beavers will migrate somewhere else. I'm getting tired of shooting Muskrats and Beavers who are trying to destroy our pond. Although, if I let them take out the dam we might be left with a nice garden plot that I can watch very easily. Should be rich ground.]


I got some interesting comments this morning. One was from a man who knows about making flour from age hardened beans. He uses it to make a pancake along with ground corn. You can go kill tweety bird and throw some fresh meat in the pancake to jack its usable protein up to a very high level. Here is the post:


good to hear from you

fly by the seat of your pants.

usually I use equal parts ground beans and ground corn to make a quick meal of pancakes.

I added ground dried meat a couple of times as an afterthought. vary the amounts until it tastes right to you.

did your grandmother make cornmeal mush? ( stir corn meal into boiling water, remove from heat, cover and let it sit 10 min or so)

you can make mush of ground beans and corn meal.

I buy beef ground round when on sale, roll it, cut it in fingers, dry it in my Harvest Maid food dehydrator until it snaps like a dry stick. then I batter it to small pieces and grind in Corona corn mill, and keep it in plastic big mouth Planters peanut jars.

the oldest on hand was ground April 2007. it is still good.for a qjuick meal on the march-one cup ground meat powder (weighs 4 oz equals 10 oz fresh meat has 50 protein grams)-2 oz sunflower oil- one teaspoon ground cayenne-1/2 teaspoon yellow curry-16 ro so oz water in gatorade bottleshake well. enjoy


Yesterday the Handmaiden decided to waterproof some matches according to the instructions from Survival Tips. Worked like a charm. I now have my very own pill bottle full of waterproof, strike-anywhere, matches. She had a bit of melted wax left over so she went downstairs to the laundry and got a handfull of lint out of the filter on the dryer. She brought it up to the apartment and got out an egg carton made of cardbosrd or some such. She put some lint into each and every egg nest in the carton and tamped it down. Then she used up the remaining hot wax by pouring it on the lint in the egg nests. Viola! Fire starters. Pretty cool, I thought. You can cut the carton up for individual firestarters or you can use the whole thing and set the world on fire. Your choice.

People are picking up on the survival trip. I am getting hits from all over the world. I reckon the news of the coming calamity is going world wide.

The Eagle got a fish out of the pond and then took off. Probably to eat in private out in a deserted field close by. I'll let you know of any further sightings.

Stay alive!


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judyofthewoods said...

On the last point, I think there is a lot of jitters going about lately. I look after a couple of websites, also one for a friend who sells off-grid generating equipment. All the sites have some statistics code built in, so I can see how the website performs. His had the stats code added about three years ago, and the website is static, i.e. nothing has been added in those years, other than a price increase, or tiny adjustment. From a search engine's point it would be no more favored than it was three years ago. Sure enough, his traffic has been fairly static too over those years, but as of about late summer last year it sharply rose to about double what it was. To me that is a sign more people are going for the long haul, and trying to get out of the cities. Watch the stampede in the not too distant future. Get your supplies in now. At worst, you'll have to eat them.