Monday, March 3, 2008


I think this morning on the subject of Ol' Mom. I am not on the subject of a particular woman but on a collective woman.

We have been born and raised at the breast of Mommy 'Merica. She has nutured us for all of our lives. She sang to us as children and taught us of the safety of her nation. We were so proud of Momma. She was the best. She beat everyone else all to hell. No one had it together like Mom.

Mom has grown senile over the years, however. Her once radiant beauty has faded and she stumbes a lot and she forgets things. The men who husbanded her are now refered to as Dead White Men. Where she was once faithful and true, she has now become a little lax in her scruples. She sits with many suitors. She has affairs with legions of men. If you stir her fancy she will offer you great reward for surrendering to her wiles and charms. You can enjoy your time as her latest notch in her gun. But don't try to hang around, because this bitch won't appreciate it one bit. Very few men can husband her, and that number falls every day. It's practically non-existant.

We can, however, remember the sweetness of the milk of her breast. Years ago she was wonderful. Strong men brought forth sons and daughters in this land. More than equal to any task of continuity and survival. She and her children were the wonder of the world. Many nations owe their existance to her generousity and charity. Men looked upon her with awe. Her children were obedient and intelligent, gracious people. Sure, there were some scalawags, but they couldn't get power. At least not for long.

Then a great calamity came upon the people. A man named John was elected president of this great country and he believed in the greatness of this country and he ws going to strengthen this country. He faced down the mighty Russian Bear that was trying to install big missiles on the Island of Cuba. He pulled the American Dollar out of the evil Federal Reserve Sytem. He had a plan for getting us out of a war in southeast Asia in a little country called Vietnam that was started by the Eisenhower Administration. He was a brilliant man and a fighter. Fearless. And he had the good of America in his mind.

Of course you know what happened that fatefull day in Dallas, Texas. The young president was gunned down in the streets. A man called LBJ ws sworn in as president and a successful coup d' etat was proclaimed among those who knew the real story. And that was the last American husband to come on the scene. Since then we have had 45 years of perverted little Mommas boys.

Something happened to Mother's Milk. It became infused with an "off" taste or flavor. It seemed to encourage chicanery in our elected officials. Nursing at the paps of Mommy 'Merica didn't have the effect it had in years gone by. Most adults were content to wait and let the present disturbance pass into the vault of history. But it was not to be. The scumbags had the power and the national checkbook and they were not going to turn loose of those goodies come hell or high water. Mother's Milk was not having the ususal effect on the kids.

Mother's Milk is a powerful thing in the psyche of a people. After all, who wants to ignore ol' Mom. And we all have the memory of her milk. Can't be helped. Where you were raised and what you were raised on, is in your mind and heart. The Mother's Milk we have been fed these last 45 years is blue john. It ain't got the right goodies in it for raising the young. In point of fact, our young are being poisoned by their Mother's Milk. And that has been a sad and destructive thing in our lives.

Where once we had a moral compass to guide us and protect our lives, we now have trash and filth. Witness the public acceptance of homosexuality, multi culturalism, globalism, the cult of the money changers, the cult of the disrepectful youth, etc. Witness also the loss of morals in our youth and our middle aged. Kinky sex and illicit drugs compounded by the constant viewing of the boob tube. Our experiment in self government has died with a whimper. Our constitution is a failed document. Like Edgar Steele says, "New America, an idea whose time has come."

Some still long for the nursing on Mommy 'Merica's paps, however. Back when I was a kid we called these kind of guys "Momma Boys." They have no strength within their own character so they cry out to Momma for the saving from their own destruction. What a fraudulent bunch of men. They say they are of the rest of us but they are really just a pathetic group of neurotics who wish to somehow get back into the amniotic fluid of the womb. Beware of these people.

Please stay alive! You are important to future generations.


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