Wednesday, March 12, 2008


My friend in Mississippi has a friend who is very knowledgeable about financial things. He is a Harvard MBA. Here is the post between them:


I asked my frined with the Harvard MBA what the deal was with the stock market falling off a cliff, then one day, today, just jumping back up on the cliff. 400+ points today.

The deal is, he says, is 'manipulation'.

I pointed out that in Vegas and such places, that was illegal.
And therefore, what's a fella to do?

Punt, he said.

I'm waiting on a definition on what 'punt' means... and I pointed out
that with the dollar falling like it is, it's suicide to 'go liquid'
with waste-paper money.....


So we know this liquidity is a market manipulation. The Bushites are trying to keep the lid on the pot. And that is commendable for those with large investment for their retirement. But I don't know that those with high retirement funds care a bird's butt about how "We" make out. That is the way of the world these says. You look out for number one and the rest of the world can go to blazes.

Here in the hollar we are sorta "Land poor." We have lots of land, about 3000 acres, but we have no big money machine to pad our wallets. We have some local businesses and we work for outsiders, but our big mill is shut down due to major problems in the hardwood market. It just seems that God doesn't want us to be rich. We are like others in that we might start thinking we were handsome and pretty if we had money. And I can tell you that I am not handsome.

But the powers that be are interested in keeping this ship of state afloat and they are casting about with huge piles of freshly printed cash to try to stop the bleeding of our economy. It is probably for naught. As I have said before, we are pumping all of this money out of the government mints and we have no new valuables to back it up. So our money is worth less. Don't think for a minute that the Arab oil people don't know what the money they are getting for their oil is worth. They do.

I cannot see this desparate move of injecting liquidity lasting more than a few months. Then it will fall again. The money is all based on debt and not on stored wealth and that is a huge failure factor. THE VALUE OF YOUR DOLLAR IS SHRINKING! And the whole world knows it. Though our controled media won't talk about it much, the rest of the world is damn sure talking about it. This is not some big national secret. This is an open global discussion! The reserve currency of the planet is in trouble and it is quite well known.

I am going off line for a while but I will be back with more info very quickly. Stay alive.


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