Sunday, March 2, 2008


I am thinking about a time, a year or so ago, when I was talking to a man of my region . I was discussing what we could buy to help us when TEOTWAWKI comes. I was thinking large capacity generators with BIG underground fuel supply, and mammoth warehouses, also underground, that would store our consumables and supplies of seed, first aid, batteries, tools, nails, nuts and bolts, and tons of food. Maybe even underground living for cattle and hogs and whatever. I also mentioned having lots of gold and silver for spending to buy what came up as necessary.

And then it dawned on me that I was planning a system that would replicate the one we live in now. I was planning on the big change as being merely a slight bump in the road. It seems that many consider survival as being the maintenance of what we have now. The greater a survivalist you are, the less you will notice the BIG BANG.

I wonder if I really want to do that. I wonder if I want to perpetuate the system that is going to go down. I wonder if I want to provide electricity for music players and movie players. I know songs from back in the 20's. Hell, I even know who Gene Austin is. But do I want this crap to stay with the kids growing up at the time of the BIG BANG? I don't think so. I think the best songs are yet to be written. The best singers have not had their voices heard. The greatest plays are still unknown and have not been penned. The greatest stories have not been told. So my thought is why would I want to castrate the up and coming geniuses of the future before they ever get a chance to produce? And who the hell would want to bring rap music down through the next thousand years? Talk about laying a curse on your fellow man!

Our freedom of expression has been bought out by big business and controlled by huge media corporations. The little guy is dead in the water. Our beautiful daughters are manipulated by the media as to how they look and how they dress and what kind of shoes they will wear. Perverts sit in board rooms and dictate how our kids are to look and behave. Nothing is sacred anymore. Andy Warhol was a queer from Pittsburgh, PA. Who wants Andy telling us who is famous and who is not. I thank God he is dead.

We have a little freedom of expression with the Internet. How long it remains free is up to our present masters. But we can still get some ideas out to those who are not brain dead from television and Hollywood movies, though the audience ain't too huge. Being brain dead is so easy and reading stuff on the Internet is so time consuming and it makes your head hurt to try and comprehend what the whacko survivalists are trying to say.

Our religions have sold us out and are on the side of the neocons. Think what the fundamentalist would do if THEY got power. Think about the fairy tales and poppycock that religions call doctrine these days becoming the law of the land. Ever heard of the Catholic Inquisition? They are responsible for a lot of deaths in the bloody history of man and religion.

The truth of the matter is that we can live without this worldly shit just fine. You need a home, water, food, sanitation, and air. The rest of the stuff we HAVE to HAVE is just stuff we have been taught to THINK WE NEED. Our society has taught us that we cannot possibly think of anything on our own that might amuse us or our children. It has to come out of that tube we all have in our houses. And our food has to come from a global market that ships it to us from all over the world. My grandparents would have gagged at the thought that they could not produce their own food. It was a point of pride with them that they could eat from their own garden. In our time our kids have no idea where their food comes from and don't really care. Thus we can say that big business and our corrupt government have castrated our future generations in the arena of food production. Clipped 'em! Took their very life sustenance from their control and gave it to the masters of world trade. Filthy bastards! But the BIG BANG will adjust this situation, though at a helluva price in human life. When the immovable object meets the irresistible force we have creation. And those from this next creation will be a lot smarter and more on the ball that what we have now. God, I hope so.

I'll get of this rant and leave you in peace for a while. But don't let the world castrate your kids! Let them grow to maturity with some knowledge of how to stay alive.


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