Sunday, March 30, 2008


The Germans have started a movement to have European leaders boycott the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics due to China's behavior in Tibet. This will really set the Chinese on fire. They want this Olynpiad to be a very special event in the eyes of the world because it is the first Olympics to be held in China and they view it as acceptance in the world community. Their national pride is at stake. They are very cognizant of what they call "face" in China. If they are spurned then they will hold a grudge against everyone who didn't come to the big ceremonies. To them it is almost a declaration of war to not participate in the opening and closing.

Merkal of Germany is making the big noise and is leading the charge. She is offending the Chinese government to the max. But I don't think China will go to war over it until next year at the earliest.

China has spent a wad of money on getting ready for this Olympiad. One company in America has made about a 100 hardwood gym floors to be installed in China prior to the Olympics. They were made in Wisconsin. There probably was a plane load of technicians sent over to install the floors. Big dollars. China will not take kindly to being snubbed. They have been poor for a long time and they want the international recognition of hosting the Olympics. Poor folks ain't got much besides their pride.

It should be interesting.


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