Thursday, March 13, 2008


The stock market fell yesterday. The 200 billion dollars of liquidity haven't started to work as yet. And I want the money to work, at least for a while. I want those who care about survival to be able to get their money OUT of the system and into tangibles. And I want them to be able to withdraw as much of their money as possible.

I was watching news on my computer yesterday and one of the major players was telling people to not worry about inflation. You got that? Don't worry about inflation. Never mind that beans and rice have doubled in price these last few months. Never mind that gasoline was $3.45 a gallon yesterday. Buy tangibles. Buy stuff you can store and eat later. By materials you can expect to go up in price. The Handmaiden and I figured it out yesterday that our food supply was worth more now than when we bought it. We actually have made a money profit on the food. But food prices keep going up. We are planning a big garden. Getting ready to start tomato plants in cheap plastic cups this week. Got 'em at the Dollar Store. Got a couple new pairs of reading glasses also, for $1 per pair. We like that Dollar Store. The glasses were from China but they work and that is what counts. I like buying american stuff but this is getting down to the bone. We have a limited income here and we have to do what we have to do. Meat is becoming expensive. We will probably have to cut down on that pretty soon.

One of the reasons we are against NAIS is that it will limit your ability to grow your own meat. The government is saying that it is in the best interest of our national security to have all of our critters tagged with an I.D. chip so that they can be identified as to farm of origin. Well praise the Lord, folks. That means that Wilbur, the Fence Climbing Wizard Steer, will finally get some recognition. I had figured to give him the recognition of being some good beef that keeps us alive but I reckon the government thinks he needs more than that. But I don't.

I don't want to pay a damn thing for Wilbur that doesn't put weight on him. I've paid for Wilbur in freezing cold, suffered because the nasty shit decided to take a moonlight hike at midnight a couple times. I've paid for Wilbur in corn and oats I had to buy from the feed mill for a right hefty price. I've paid a price in Salt blocks and Mineral blocks for the critter to lick. I've paid a price in the hay I have to feed his miserable ass in the cold of the year. I've paid plenty for Wilbur and that is all I want to spend and he belongs to me and that is that. When the time comes, we eat him. That is his whole reason for being here.


Whne times get tough, the tough start rustling cattle and hogs and sheep. If you have a small pasture with your life savings tied up in a few crittters that you have raised and fed, be prepared to protect them with maximum force. Freebooters like to just kill 'em and cut out the best meat and leave the rest on the ground. We have seen it with dead deer around here for years. The carcasses will be laying there minus the loins and the backstrap. The rest can rot for all the poachers care. Poaching and rustling will be high on the list of priorities of things to do with the Freebooters.

The old fashioned rape and pillage routine will be in vogue once again. Be armed and ready. If you have something, it is worth protecting, if it has to do with the survival of you and yours. I read an article yesterday about a basic survival gun arsenal of one handgun, one shotgun, and one battle rifle that could be purchased for around $350. It ain't the fancy stuff but it shoots and that counts. Life has it's priorities, even for a Freebooter. If the Freebooter thinks he will pay an awful price for fooling around where YOU live than he will look elsewhere. He has his own health to look after. Medical treatment for gunshot wounds will not be part of the contents of his backpack. He will subsist on easy targets of opportunity. The easier the better. The threat of pain or death will send him looking elsewhere. Of course, if you live in a pine forest, he can just go up wind and burn you out. Stay out of the pines! The scoop on The Poor Man's Arsenal is at Just scroll down about 3 stories and you'll find it.


It was very pretty here yesterday. The cats and the ducks were enjoying the warmth. I saw some kids playing hooky. I called a gun store I know about in Indiana that sells AK based firearms. I like the dependability of an AK. Like the old Timex watch commmercial that says "It takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin." You can't ask for much more than that. They sell AK's in .223, .308, and 7.62 X 39. They might even sell a .22. But I know they have AK shotguns in 12, 20, and .410 gauge. I think they are a reasonable place to go looking around. A close friend of mine has one of the .308 AK's and says it shoots just fine. He said it would go with him if things got really nasty. I may go check them out. You can find these guys at If you contact them, email a guy named Clyde. He answers all the emails. Enjoy.


Today I am all alone. The Handmaiden has gone for an overnight at a State Park with her lady writing friends. They are interested in writing and they get together a couple times a year for a conflab. None of them have written the great american novel as yet but they sure do talk about it. But I will be in need of email today else I be lonely and all that crap. Send me a post to break the monotony.

Stay alive!



Ryan said...

I like the AK. No frills or thrills but those suckers just keep going bang.

Staying Alive said...

I watched Blackhawk Down the othr night and it didn't seem that either the .223 guys or the .762 X 39 guys could hit a bull in the has with a handfull of sand, and it charging them backwards. Even the Handmaiden remarked about the profusion of automatic weaponry. I guess no one shoots to hit anymore. But I do.


Unknown said...

What you saw in BHD is standard USA doctrine of supressing fire toward an enemy. They have money and ammo to burn, or they did til TSHTF for them. Still its hard to say,"Oh, I'm here and I don't have the mighty military complex to back me up, guess I should start shooting for kills instead of at the enemy," when the situation has went south.

We need to still work on picking a target, and shooting til that target is no longer a threat, ie DOA!

Great Blog BTW.

Jerry in So IL