Monday, March 31, 2008


The Campaign to Bore Me to Death
By The Handmaiden

There should be a law against boring people. Ack! I take that back. We don’t need even MORE laws. We need common sense, we need satire, we need someone nefarious to put something in the water to drive us all sane. Ahem….Well, on to the topic at hand.

What an election year. The BS flies ever thicker, the lies fly faster and faster, the promises made by candidates are ever more elaborate and silly--as if any politician EVER keeps any of their promises. Where will all this take us, and why oh why must it go on for so long?

Apparently I am supposed to vote for John McCardboard, Cardboard Rodham Cardboard, or Barak O’Cardboard. They are all pretty much indistinguishable, even though one is a woman and another is a black male. You would think these people would sound different than each other, reflecting different ideas, concerns and politics. But they don’t. They all sound like clones of the political ruling elite, which is exactly what they are, as flatly dull a bunch of liars as one could hope to find in this poor and so far benighted century. Ho hum.

The mainstream media swiftly rid themselves (and unfortunately us) of the only interesting candidates. Ron Paul, Mike Gravel, and Dennis Kucinich were all stimulating and interesting. And they presented a threat to the status quo, small threats, but threats. I liked that and would have loved to hear a lot more of what they had to say. So naturally the mainstream sidelined and ignored them, downplayed their ideas, stuck them at the very ends of the line of “debators,” and did its absolute best to denigrate them. Thus the media showed its nasty little hand, revealed its role as cheerleader and tireless supporter to the power elite. Obviously the mainstream brainwashers did not want any of us to think outside the box--they defined the box, and we’d all better stay inside it.

Ron Paul of course is still in the race, and I am all for Ron Paul, that talented and courageous soul. He is truly a man to be admired, and even if he never gets close to the presidency, he did this country a huge favor by educating the alert folks of the nation. He called, and the response was terrific. For the movement that grew in response to his campaign, for the beginnings of a new revolution, God Bless Ron Paul (and all his fervent supporters).

But I’m not here to praise Ron Paul, no matter how much he deserves it. I’m here to complain and whine about how disgustingly vapid politics in America has become. The minute something remotely engaging comes along, the mainstream brainwashers all shout it down, rip it to shreds, letting me know in no uncertain terms what we are allowed to think. For instance, the flap over Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

This guy went from being totally unknown to most everyone in the United States, to being the Number One Topic of Every Pundit’s Commentary for what? One week? Two? Three? And what all did the guy say? You’d never know from listening to the brainwashers, because they’re not about to tell you. What they do is to show clips or bits and pieces taken out of context, to prove that Rev. Wright is totally beyond the pale of acceptability in America today. In other words, the guy is mildly politically incorrect. Ho Hum.

From what I heard and read, I’d tend to agree with Wright and certainly with his right to say whatever he thinks. He rightly criticizes America’s government and the political elite and its foreign policy. Even when he seemed to me to be wrong, I liked how he made his point. Up jumps the mainstream brainwashers to tear Rev. Wright apart and insisted, nay, demanded, that everyone else do so as well. All of this merely to let me know what I am allowed to think, as in: You’d better not dare to think like Jeremiah Wright!

Have you ever met anything so deathly boring and Soviet Russia as political correctness? I mean, who gets to decide what is correct and what isn’t? Hah. Do you begin to see whose hands are shoving your tender little brains into the soapy water? Keep watching and you’ll see lots more.

Anything compelling, riveting, provocative is shunned, banned and condemned. You can’t go there! It’s too horrible to contemplate! It is offensive! We are Outraged! And you’d better agree, or you’ll be torn to pieces in public. Thus ends any chance of anything illuminating the murky zeitgeist of what passes for American thought.

After eliminating the interesting in this campaign, what are we left with? Three cardboard copies of each other; three mediocre lying politicians who are so close to each other’s positions that there is no telling them apart. Just the usual platitudinous crap politics: Hillary thinks the presidency is hers by right (as if being married to an impeached former president is any recommendation!), John McCain is a thieving S&L scandal/Keating 5 loser (and probably lunatic and senile to boot), and Obama is a youngish pretty boy with typically tedious leftist ideas (I don‘t think I can take 4 to 8 years of Hope….Future….Change….). Ho Hum to all three is my response. When I can be bothered to respond, that is.

These three candidates have all undoubtedly been screened and found acceptable by the Powers That Be, and the ruling elite would be happy with any of them. They are all for the war, more war, and war forevermore, they all kiss Israel’s ass, they all take special interest money (to whom they make REAL promises no doubt), and they’re all shallow as hell. Eight endless years of Clintons, eight endless years of Bush and now this. Are we ready for four or eight more years of Business As Usual and Boring as Hell? I don’t think the country can take it.

On the other hand…Remember the Clintons? Remember all the lies, gaffes, the fake tear at Ron Brown’s funeral? Recall the Rose Law Firm billing files that “disappeared” and then mysteriously “showed up?” Remember all the FBI files that were somehow transferred to the Clinton White House? Remember all the astounding lies that poured out of Bill and Hill’s faces, even when they didn’t have to lie? Oh Lord, that infamous blue dress!

What a hoot! They might once again be good for many hearty laughs. But oh, at what price!

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