Tuesday, March 25, 2008


We are reading about food riots in Africa. In one little country there were four people killed and in another there were buildings burned, and all because there was not enough food and what there was cost too damn much for the majority of the people to buy. It hasn't hit here yet, but it might be coming. I still think of the time when it was a LAW that the USA kept a two year supply of food for all people within it's borders. Then the LAW was repealed and the surplus was sold and the money was made and we went on. Just that easy. And now we are a debtor nation and have no food surplus to back up our owing. We don't have enough food to have a MINOR surplus. That is not true so don't believe it. I just used it to make a point that we don't have our food assured anymore

And all of this makes us REACTIVE in the market place. We hear of economic collapse. We hear of big companies on Wall Street having to throw in the towel. We hear dark rumors of more death and destruction in the financial end of things. So we react to this news and these rumors. We hear about a good buy in a food commodity and we all run to buy it up while we can. Pretty damn quick it is gone and we are looking for more. We had a little local surplus but it was diminished rapidly and is no more. And we are listening to the drums tell us of another store that has a good buy on a commodity. We are lacing up our running shoes as we prepare for the excursion to buy.

The unrest and the turmoil makes us all "chicken littles" in life. We don't make our own decisions but rather our decisions are made for us and we react as programed. The ability to think and plan is taken from us and we become slaves to emotional frenzy. And who can say no to a little food when it has become quite precious around the world? With Perfumed Rice selling for $900 a ton in Thailand, you better get it while you can, if that is what you eat. Reports of thievery are rampant but no proof as yet.

I wonder if anyone out there is thinking about a little cattle or hog rustling these days? Have you seen the price of meat lately? Holy schmoley! That stuff is geting to be pretty dear. Could be that Clandestine Enterprises could enter the picture. Clandestine would be selling Harry's Hamburger and Harry's Whole Hog Sausage. They would sell it at the right price and sell it quickly and with home delivery. Payment in cash. No checks or plastic cards. We ain't hearing about it but it must be going on. Or it will be going on.

As far as secure nations are ranked, we came in 17th in a big survay of the worlds countries. Vatican City was ranked Number One as far as being secure and being a nice place to live. I don't think I would fit in with those folks, however. The top ten is all from Europe. Of course, the survey was done by JANES, an English firm that rates the world's ships and things like that, and England ranked number 2 on the list. And there ain't no bias with them people. None at all. But America was ranked further down because we have so many personal firearms. That makes us less secure. Funny. I don't feel less secure. And I think the governments figures on how many firearms we own are very conservative. I don't think they really know HOW MANY guns we have. I now they ain't come here to do a survey. A man who was interested in such stuff told me back in the early 70's that Indiana had more buried machineguns that any place in America. He later did time for gun sins but I ain't forgot what he said. He has been told to stay out of the area. He also had other problems besides illgeal weaponry.

Somehow, every blog seems to get around to food and guns. The scripture say that all of mans labor is for his belly and some of us have this idea that we must protect our bellies and the stuff we figure to put in them. I can understand that.

We have another missive from Charli Gribble. A good one.
I used to store my flour in 5 gal buckets.
I just take a few.....4-5 bay leaves and toss in
with the flour........It works with any kind of flour,
corn meal, dried beans, dried anything..........
Bugs just don't like bay leaves..........I try to keep
them on top, but if they get mushed down, just throw
in a few more..........no big deal............
Some fool gave me a rooster today, guess I will have to
get me some hens now......I said I wasn't gonna do this
no more! But here I go! again!
Charli is the nurse to many sick and injured critters in her area. If they can be fixed, Charli can do it. I used to call her the Crazed Southern Woman but I don't anymore. She has a mind for survival and I can see the method in her madness. She don't miss much.

I'll go now. Stay ready and stay alive!



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Great idea on the bay leaves!!!