Sunday, March 9, 2008


I just finished setting my clock on my computer up an hour ahead. Indiana elected this stupid governor who decided to make us go on different time at different times of the year. Now mind you, we didn't change our clocks in Indiana for 30 years previous to this governor. We stayed on the same time all year round. Indiana and Arizona and Hawaii never changed their clocks. But now that this idiot has the governors mansion we have to change twice a year. What a bunch of crap.

Not one business failed during that time because of time difference with the rest of the country. Somehow we always mangaed to make it through. But now we have to do this clock setting trip and I resent it.

Daylight savings time became popular when Dwight David Eisenhower was President. Ben Franklin invented it but Ike made it popular. Ike liked to play golf every afternoon and he needed the extra hour to get in his 18 holes, I guess. And the other morons of America decided they wanted to play golf like Ike did and they got their states to get into the clock changing business. I remeber stepping out of a bar in Syracuse, Indiana, one night in June during the late 60's and there was still light in the sky and it was damn near 11 p.m! The drive-in movie theaters were shut down in the Summer because it was not dark enough to see the movies at a decent hour. 'Course, the couples who went to kiss and play around loved it because they could stay out later on Saturday night. Not many drive-in movie places anymore. The morons shut them down.

So many things are done by government for our own good, even though we don't want it. It is called the Nanny state. Nanny knows what is best for us little kids, you know. All we have to do is hand over that tax money and Nanny will take care of the rest. Life sure is grand.

Stay alive.



Unknown said...

The part I really love is that we are now on "standard" time LESS than we are on "daylight savings" time. Does that make daylight time the real standard time now or does it just make us even dumber than I thought we were?

Staying Alive said...

I think it makes us automatons for a bloated bureaocracy that likes to see the kiddies jump on command. It's the same old crap with a new face behind the desk. Put it out there and the people will salute it. I keep trying to tell people that survivalists are the top 5% of the IQ bell curve in this country. The plebes don't get it.