Monday, March 17, 2008


I got my computer started. I was drawing a plan of the wiring at the back of the machine and noticed a switvh at the top of the panel thzt had O- on it. I clicked it and it cut the power to my machine, I think. I waited a few seconds and clicked it back on and tried to start my machine. It actually tried to start. I did it a few more times and it tried to start and then it finally DID start. So now I am back computing on my computer. God but I hated that laptop and that silly VISTA operating system. And the laptop had no mouse. I guess if someone pays you enough money you will use such shit, but until that money comes along I will stick with my regular keyboard, and my mouse and my XP operating system.

Just glad to be back and visiting with my friends again.

I will try to be back for more blogging asap.

Stay alive.


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