Sunday, March 30, 2008


Group survival is more viable than individual survival.

Our ducks out here in the pond are acting like they want to form smaller groups. It's getting warm and they get more independant with the increase in the food supply.

I am still getting reports that the economy is going in the tank.

Preparation is the best remedy for possible calamities.

The scripture says: "After having done all, stand."

We don't know what is coming or how it will turn out, but if the mind of man is behind it you can bet it will be bad.

A lot of folks are turning to survival preps. It is becoming part of the vocabulary of America to say, "I am in to survial mode." This means what ever it takes to survive."

Gardening time is getting closer with every passing day. My friend in Mississippi just about has his all planted. Indiana is not so fortunate. But we aren't sweating our asses off either!

Gonna get some metal trash cans with good lids and use them to protect my stored food. Ain't buying this stuff so the mice can eat it. Bay leaves WILL keep the bugs out, too.

We are getting storms outside. Warm weather in the Spring brings storms. America seems to be getting a lot of water this early part of the year. Hope it doesn't turn to drought now. It's almost dark outside. Gonna catch hell. The lights are flickering. See you later!


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