Friday, March 21, 2008


Howdy to all of you foks out there in bloggerland. I have finished reading most of the news and it is as disgusting as ever. But I want to thank all those loyal enemies out there who keep working for the destruction of this country. Your efforts are truly wondrous to behold! Your uncaring regard for humanity is a thing of unique proportions. Never would I have guessed that the nation would fall to the likes of you. You surprise me with your resilience. No matter how many of your lies are found out, no matter how many of your crooked deals are exposed, you keep coming back with more tyranny and treachery. What strength.

But now I see you as working for ME. Because at the heart of your thinking is the concept of America being a nation, and it is gonna cease having that capacity. I still like Edgar Steele's saying of "New America! An idea whose time has come." And then your trip of power and glory and wealth acquisition will be over. The only people you will have on your side are those who wish to have more chains and manacles attached to their bodies. And that could be a scarce item at the Walmartian supermarket of humanity.

We who have food and some hope of lodging will provide for the people and give them hope. Yes, they will work and do their share, but their sustinance will come from those who give a shit and those who will have the love of their fellow man at the core of their heart.

There will be pockets of slavery created on this continent. Don't forget that. Slavery has always been here and it will not go away for a long time. I wonder about the honesty of slavery. What can you do if people won't work and prepare for the hard times ahead? You just can't kill them or you would be no better than those who have fallen into the garbage can of history. So you can put them to work. You can feed them and offer what scant medical treatment there is available. But you may as well forget about educating them. They haven't been able to learn anything much anyhow. I reckon the thinkers and doers and psychics will take over the education of the young, for those who are worthy of being taught.

But a new order will arise from the compost pile once known as America. Historical failures will dissolve and feed the roots of the next creation of society. Just look out your window and see the plants that are feeding on the plants of yore, the compost of historical existance.

I remember about 20 years ago when the Old Man was sitting in his cabin and suddenly got up and put on his hiking boots and headed out the door. He came back from his walk a couple hours later with an old stone pot or bowl. It was three legged and well formed. He brought it into his cabin and sat down and held it and examined it. He put it on his fireplace mantle and headed back out the door. When he got back this time he has the lid to the bowl. It fit perfectly.

What culture or tribe or nation that was responsible for the creation of that ancient bowl has faded into antiquity. It is no more. But the bowl remains as evidence of what once existed. And that bowl could be duplicated and used for future generations. It could be a blessing to some people who needed an idea of how to make a utilitarian tool for their kitchens. I saw it and noticed that it had three legs. Three legged contraptions are generally superior to four legged contraptions. There is no question of one leg not quite reaching the ground. I'm sure you are familiar with the joke about the guy who made a table and kept sawing off a little bit of a leg in order to get the table to level out and not rock on three legs but to rest properly on four legs. The joke says he eventually sawed the legs down to the nubs and the table top was resting on the floor because getting the legs all the same length was more than the man was capable of doing. But that ancient bowl had the answer. Use three legs!

I am convinced that forces are in play that will take us down to bare necessities. I am sure that it is all in motion. I await the new creation with great anticipation.

I have advised you to gather is groups and to stick together. There will be much work and defense to do when the new day is formed. New craeations are not birthed without turmoil. And it will be one hell of an ordeal. Nothing has ever been seen like it on the face of the earth. No pollution, no pestilence, no outbreak of disease, and no war has ever been wrought like what we have coming. Prepare, folks. While you still have time. Make friends and get the fuck out of town. Get your gardens in and get your food stored underground. It is gonna be simply stupifying when it all goes down. The ignorant will perish along with the disbelievers. And hey, we aren't the ones who are doing all the evil that is being done. In fact we are pretty innocent. We are just trying to stay alive!


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