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I was reading the corporate news this morning and I got on CNN and read their MONEY column and the writer just came out and flatly stated that we have 4% inflation in this country. 4%? Kiss me where the Sun don't shine! That is one of the most outrageous lies known to mankind. We ought to get out the tar and feathers and get the writer of that damnable lie all coated up and suffering from heat rash. And it all falls back on the government and their other-worldly policy of excluding things that are volatile in price from the figures used to figure inflation. The guys who really measure inflation say we have 15 to 20 percent going against us at the moment. And the media giants want to blame the Internet for their falling revenues. Well fellas, if you want my reading loyalty then print up something I can believe instead of the incessant lying that you all do. Scumbags! You hate the Internet because it has exposed you for what you really are, a sold-out bunch of pathological liars. And I getta say that because I am on the Internet.


Mrs. Gribble has given us another sample of her old school wisdom this morning. "If you want to keep the bugs out of flour.......
stick some bay leaves in with it............

This is a little bit incomplete but it will have to do for this morning. It ignores such things as how many Bay leaves for how much flour? What kind of flour does it work best with? Does Charli use this method with HER preps? But it leaves us a little further down the road than we were when we started and for that I am grateful. I am assuming that adding Bay leaves to the flour also means that the flour is not in the bag it was sold in but a new container used by the Doomer who wants to have a little flour for a while after the SHTF. Sigh...more things to study. But I never even knew I needed to study this so now I must pull my head out of my ass and get busy trying to figure this whole thing out. But I want to thank Charli for what she has done and I hope it helps some preppers out there


We have had big snow with the Sun shining. Just yesterday. Three times. Not a micro inch of accumulation. But visibility was down to about 5% of normal. We had good frost this morning, but it is supposed to get up to 47 today and high 50s tomorrow so I reckon things will work out. It sure seems like it has been a cold Winter. This is where I would normally go into my Anti-global warming rant but it is so pointless anymore. Anyone who still believes in that shit has not been outside this Winter. Milwaukee has had record snowfall this year. Winter festivals have been cancelled due to too much snow. The snowpack in the Rockies is huge and the Colorado River is really gonna get a bunch of water this Spring. Las Vegas will be fine, folks, so don't worry, yet. The Midwest is getting it's feet wet in a severe manner right now. Flooding like crazy. We got 4 and 1/2 inches of rain here last week. Kinda damp out. But water still runs down hill and it will pass. But this should point out the fallacy of living in a flood plain. Kinda goes along with NOT living in a Pine forest somewhere out West.


Every now and then I get wound up and start getting a little preachy. I can't always help that. I ain't looking to start a church or anything like that. But I wish to say that I am not a believer in God but rather that I am a knower of him. I have experienced his power in several ways. He exists and is in charge. He has a flock on this planet that he is using in various ways. He is going to bring about a new creation in society and we will fuel it. I was Baptised in a small pond about a mile from where I currently sitting. When I was baptised, along with a group of people, a finger of fire wrote words on the surface of the water. It wrote: A special people for a special purpose. Go figure THAT one out!


I think that Jim Dakin is a very intelligent and witty writer. Top notch. I read his blog every day. But the Handmaiden spent a few bucks on a downloaded manual from Jim and I naturally got it and started to read it. The first article was Jim's treatise on the acceptability of cannibalism in hard times. And I ain't gonna buy that bunch of crap from anybody. YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO EAT OTHER HUMAN BEINGS. PERIOD. Do not do it. It is unacceptable to God. It will get him pissed at you and you don't want that. I wised off to him about 32 years ago and I thought I was going to die right on the spot. And I don't mean I was facing physical death. I was facing the death of my soul! I cried out, "Father! Help me!" and the torment stopped. He still had mercy on this poor beast. Whew... His mercy sure saved MY wretched ass! I want to stay on his good side these days. He is not the guy you want to come down on your case.

So go ahead and read Jim at and enjoy his wit and charm. He's got it in great abundance. But don't go for that eating people crap!

Stay alive!


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devildog said...

Dakin wrote that a long time ago. It was written tongue in cheek. You might not want to read his earlier rants if this gets you. Humor, people, humor.